Puppy Watching

25th August 2013

Leiborschy Wilfek x Leiborschy Griet

The Grietings

We loved every minute of rearing these beauties.

Leiborschy Maisie. Maisie was just meant to be and starts her new life in Norfolk with Penny and Bryan who were already in the Leiborschy "family". The sweetest, most sensible and considered of girls with a very pretty face Maisie has a wonderful life ahead of her which includes meeting up with Leiborschy Ilva from time to time.


Leiborschy Rezar. Rez starts life in Devon with Gill and John, experienced Wire owners who also were already in the "family" He will enjoy the company of housemates Tia and Leiborschy Yazsarek and no doubt will keep them on their toes.! Mr Medium, Rez is a middle of the road puppy who may well surprise Zak with his calm and grown up attitude.

Update Rez was returned to us, at our request in November 2014. Rez spent four lovely months with us during which time we had many enquiries for him. In March 2015 Rez and his perfect home found each other and we chose David and Carole as Rez's owners, David and Carole chose Rez as their loving companion and most importantly, Rez chose David and Carole to share his life with. It's very early days yet but with Carole and David's intuitive understanding and insight of Rez and Rez's response to them, we are quite sure that Rez's wait for a home where he can be truly happy, confident and secure has ended. Rez lives close to us in Bridlington and we intend to visit him often for beach walks with his relatives.


Leiborschy Dillon. This gorgeous little chap WAS going to be called Dillon but so grew into his nest name that it became impossible to think of him as anything else than Jambo the Man! Jambo starts life in Suffolk with Kipper the Wire, Nick, Liz and Evan. Jokingly called Hobson's Choice this super boy was a favourite from the start for his family and we look forward to regular updates of his wonderful rural life. Jambo is HUU tested.

Leiborschy Skubi. This eye catchy, cocky young man starts life in Milton Keynes with Mark and Alex. Experienced Leiborschy owners Skubi suits them down to the ground.......after all he did choose Mark and Alex as made to measure parents! Two days into his new life Skubi is a great hit with canines and humans alike and we are sure he will leave his mark on everyone he meets.

Leiborschy Kolyok. Bertie starts life with Paula and David plus his uncle Jorge ( Leiborschy Vegul). Bertie will bring canine companionship to Jorge and no doubt tire him out. Uncle and nephew will be seen out and about at shows as well as having lots of visits to Leib Central to visit. their extended family. The wailer of the litter, Bertie is hard not to pay attention to!! Bertie passed his Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Assessment in February 2014 and his Bronze Good Citizen Award in April . Bertie is Huu tested.


Leiborschy Eszti. Eszti starts life in Edinburgh with Sally and John although will spend much of her time in France. A strong, sensible, organized girl who will be a wonderful introduction to the breed as well as be a breed ambassador both home and abroad.


Leiborschy Barrington. Olive starts life in North Norfolk with another Mallard daughter, Dolly, Dolly's mum Flo and Basil the terrier of advancing years. A companion for Jane, Archie and Wilf and a Gamekeepers dog for David we are sure she will deliver on every count. A confident, pretty girl who knows her own mind we look forward to seeing lots of her.

Leiborschy Fansipan. Peggy starts life in Manchester with Mark and Marie. A "Perfect Puppy" as an introduction to dog ownership for Marie, Peggy is biddable, sweet with a sense of fun. A favourite of many who visited the litter, this little lady will provide many new positive experiences.


Leiborschy Yora. Good things come to those that wait......as Kaixo starts life in Diane's spiritual home, Kendal. Many co incidences have led to Kaixo meeting Jaki and Rob and we are thrilled at the prospect. Starting life with experienced dog folk Kaixo is in good hands and is a wonderful example of the breed , both in looks and temperament, for Jaki and Rob to have as their first Wire.

Leiborschy Lenya. Choni is our choice from this fabulous litter. Meet her here.