Leiborschy Lajka

16/10/03 to 16/2/13

Gavic Gold Bullion of Leiborschy X Lanspar Tarkony of Leiborschy

Her mother in nearly all ways, we have never had such a willing and able pupil although a certain amount of devilment accompanies everything .She is a complete busy body and nothing escapes her attention, its no co incidence that Lajka rhymes with Trouble Maker and her favourite past time, apart from pursuits in the Shooting Field is chewing Bracco ears ! Lajka really is a benchmark for us as a super dual purpose Wire with a corect wire coat and moderation all through. We are delighted with Lajka's first litter of 7 puppies to Bayside Brokk of Lanokk, born May 2006, three of the progeny have been awarded Puppy Group placings at Open Shows and one a Reserve Best Puppy in Show at under the age of 9 months. Lajka had her second litter to Leiborschy Wilfek in June 2008, 2 bitches and seven dogs. Three of Lajka's second litter are in the ring and achieving success and her progeny are returning very low hip scores . Lajka qualified for Crufts 2010 at Manchester after a break of 10 months out of the ring by winning Post Graduate Bitch and qualified for Crufts 2011 with a 2nd in Limit at Crufts 2010. Lajka is a regular member of Leicester Square Shoot, North Norfolk.

16th October 2003 - 16th February 2013

We have lost our leading lady and MD,

her pain was our pain and neither we, nor she, could bear it any longer.

I was there at her first breath and with her at her last....... a privilege

Goodbye our funny, bossy, trouble maker, Lajka

"another really first class bitch of very good type, but a little out of coat I thought, built on flowing lines, strong outline, good head shape and eye colour, stop and ear carriage, good neck and shoulders, has a mature body shape, good muscletone. Not quite the strength in hindquarters compared to 1."

Judge Chris Bexon Crufts 2010

"Another lovely type of bitch with dark eyes giving such a kind expression, good neck into clean shoulders, ribbing reaching well back, super hindquarters, very sound moving bitch but a bit short of coat compared to the winner"

Judge Sharon Pinkerton LKA 2009

"quite similar to 1 with good head planes, strong neck, good lay of shoulder, straight legs, arched feet, moderate tuck-up. Would have preferred more beard."

Judge B Stamp HWVA Show September 2009

"Leiborschy Lajka, 5 years, liked her type, good make & shape, pleasing head & eye, feminine expression, quarters good, mature in body & muscletone, tight feet, moved out with drive, shown in good coat & condition"

1st Post Graduate bitch

Judge Keith Groom Manchester January 2009

I know, I know, I fell for this bitch here and I have never seen her looking so good, lovely expression and real wire coat, moved around the ring as if she owned it. Well boned with correct feet and angulation . Held her topline on the move and standing with correct tail carriage.

Best of Breed

Judge Richard Stafford Hillsboro October 2007

"nicely balanced girl with good head and correct expression, strong neck, good front, nice depth of chest, nicely muscled and angulated rear quarters, went well, covering her ground, a bright future I am sure"

Reserve Best Bitch

Judge Gordon Haran Blackpool 2007

"Lovely size and good overall balance in profile, feminine head with lovely dark eye, clean neck into well placed shoulder with depth of chest and forechest, ribs down to elbow and well back, correct topline standing and on the move, moved with drive and efficiency, good furnishings and harsh coat. Pushed hard for RBB."

Judge Rachel Thompson Three Counties June 2007

"Robustly built bitch. Close fitting, russet coat. Balanced head of correct proportions. Good lay of shoulder and moderate spring of rib. Moved OK."

1st Post Graduate

Judge Christine Morgan SKC May 2007

"Feminine head on this level type, looked well, moved OK, in a close tussle got RBB"

Reserve Best Bitch

Judge Tony Pascoe WELKS 2007

"Won a good class. Shown to advantage in excellent condition. Stands up on good feet ribs go well back. Sound on handling and on the move"

Judge Chris Atkinson Doncaster CS April 2007

"Litter sister to the Open winner and a lovely example of the breed. Beautiful head, eye and expression, was lively on the move carrying herself effortlessly. Coat of good quality and pleasing colour. True straight front, well let down stifle."

Best of Breed

Judge Graham Bayne Dukeries January 2007

"well balanced with a lovely make & shape, clean neck and shoulders. More accurate in movement than 2, although would like more enthusiasm. Well made hindquarters with good tailset and carriage , moved soundly"

Reserve Best Bitch

Judge Christine McDonald Driffield October 2006

" 3 yr old b with excellent coat. Correct mouth, excellent angulations, slightly plainer in head than 1, lovely dark eye, correct forechest, tight feet, moved beautifully, both in profile & fore & aft. Again a v pleasing specimen"

Judge Pat Baker HWVA Open Show September 2006

"Quality bitch, sound balanced construction, good muscle and movement. Close decision."

Judge Rob Suchett Kaye National Gundog 2006

"lovely head and neck, nice body and coat, good tail carriage, moved well"

Reserve Best of Breed

Judge Wendy Lovell (Ayita) Coventry Gundog Nov 2005

"Litter sister to the Open winner. I really loved her shape and head so feminine. She sadly just lacked the confidence of her sister on the move, very close call between the two"

Reserve Best of Breed

Judge Teresa A'len Mid Herts Gundog November 2005

"Have watched this 2 year old youngster with interest, she is maturing slowly but surely. Stands over her ground on strong feet. Moderately arched necks leads to a straight front and good topline. Elegant, liked her body length to height ratio. Had decent quarters and moved soundly but lacked the enthusiasm of 1. Good body coat but lacks facial furnishings which can give the appearance of plainness"

Judge Chris Guest Midland Counties 2005

"realised at the end of the class that 1 and 2 were litter sisters. Lovely type, slightly shorter coupled than 1. Good head, lovely expression, well boned limbs, good feet, lengthy neck into clean shoulders, good ribbing, correct topline, croup & tailset, moved well coming and going and in profile, coat of good texture"

Judge Sharon Pinkerton Crufts 2005


"lovely feminine puppy, coat developing well and lovely colour. Sweet head and expression, nice front, good shoulder placement. Moved well holding top line. Just needs to mature"

Best Puppy in Breed

Judge Gillian Pearson National Gundog Aug 2004