Puppy Watching

16 October 2003

Gavic Gold Bullion of Leiborschy X Lanspar Tarkony of Leiborschy

Leiborschy Remek 1CC

Starting a wonderful life in Suffolk, Remek will be a constant companion of his new owner as he accompanies her to work. A life with horses, in the shooting field and in the show ring awaits Remek, a puppy with a plenty of "Va Va Voom!" Remek had his first taste of the shooting field in January 2005 and competed in his first Working Test in June 2005. Remek is hip scored. He was awarded HWVA Top Puppy Dog 2004/2005. Remek dips his paw in the ring very occasionally and in 2007 took Best in Show at the HWVA Open show and in 2010 Best of Breed at National Gundog and the Dog Challenge Certificate Crufts 2011, he is now Crufts qualified for life and has a KC Stud Book number.

Remek makes UK breed history by being awarded the breeds first ever Challenge Certificate, Crufts 2011


"Hillís Leiborschy Remek, never seen this boy before but was certainly happy he came. His overall type is fabulous, very laid back character, super head & expression, strong neck onto adequate lay of shoulder, strong & level topline, correct length in back ratio, strong quarters that were well muscled & moved true & effortlessly, quality harsh coat. "

Challenge Certificate

Judge L Townsend Crufts March 2011

what a wonderful dog this is, excels in head shape and skull of correct proportion, beautiful melting expression, correct ear set and shape, neck moderate in length with a slight arch, good shoulder placement, correct depth to chest, ribs well sprung and extending well back, great topline and gentle slope over croup to good tail set, well muscled thigh with good width, coat of excellent texture and colour, moved with some style, the best I have ever seen him go. BOB "

Judge Terry Pearson National Gundog August 2010

"Smart sound dog with lovely stylish head and expression clean neck sound front and shoulder strong hindquarters moved strongly on good light feet."

Best in Show

Judge Sheila Gray HWVA Open Show 2007

"I had no hesitation in awarding this 2yr old dog the win and BOB, his class and style stood out even in a strong class such as this, lovely balanced picture, masculine head, good front and shoulders, strength in body and topline, lovely condition and muscle, moving with style and drive. Well done"

Best of Breed

Judge Gary Scobell East Anglian Gundog April 2006

"Difficult to split 1 and 2. Another super looking dog. Good size and coat type, loved his shading. Am sure will do well in the future"

Judge KK Bingham Crufts 2006

"Quality young dog, nice size, long head, slightly rounded skull and large nostrils. Eyes to darken. Adequate boned limbs, tight oval feet, long neck into clean shoulders, good depth of brisket for age, good topline, croup and tailset, well angulated hindquarters, moved soundly with drive & on a long stride, seriously considered for Res BD but looked a bit immature in the line up"

Judge Sharon Pinkerton Crufts 2005

"Well developed HWV, nicely balanced yearling, bright & intelligent expression, well set, clean neck, firm level back, nicely angulated front and rear. Strong low hocks, good legs & feet, covered ground well with drive" 1st PG Dog, Reserve Best Dog

Judge Ellis Hulme East of England 2005

"Stylish dog with sound movement. Just turned 18 months and will watch his development. Good shape and expression in head, level topline and straight front with balanced angulation" 1st PG Dog Reserve Best Dog

Judge Jean Fairlie The National Ch Show 2005

"super 15 month old youngster, great outline and balance. Excellent head and well shaped eye, good teeth and furnishings, well made forehand, good depth of chest and well ribbed back, nice tuck up, strong topline and loin, well placed tailset, correct coat and a very sound mover on good legs and feet. I will watch his progress with interest"

Judge Carol Coode Manchester Ch Show 2005

Leiborschy Mirtha

Mirtha................ there was no puppy like her, is enjoying life in Devon. A little lady of extraordinary confidence proving to be the perfect pick for her owner and enchanting everyone she meets.

Leiborschy Zay

Capturing the hearts of three children and two adults in East Yorks was easy for Archie, the most lovable of puppies. Bringing back to his new family the joys of owning a dog, Archie is proving to be all that they hoped for. Archie sired his first litter to Moricroft Mati Hari in July 2007.

Leiborschy Nula

Nula starts her new life in Rutland in the very capable hands of her new owners with an adoring Labrador, Hazel. With the addition of twins into the family, Nula will have constant entertainment. Nule is hip scored and had a litter of 7 puppies to Leiborschy Wilfek (Mallard) on 12th October 2008.

Leiborschy Puzsta

Szŗlkas began life as a city girl but August 2006 saw a real change as she moved to Norway with her family to begin a new adventure. We will watch with interest as Szalkas and her family settle in their new country. Szalkas's first "real" snow arrived recently.


Leiborschy Piri

Mindy begins life in Essex with a doting Dalmation Dodie and an equally doting family! Mindy and her owners will learn together as they train for work with a Harris Hawk and make an appearance in the show ring. Mindy made a wonderful start in the show ring at the HWVA Open Show 18/4/04, qualified for Crufts 2005 and attended her first working training day in May 2004 where she was the star of the day.


Leiborschy Veela

Dennis (the female menace!), now called Amber, starting life in rural Oxfordshire. After much research, consideration and planning her new owners know that Amber is the perfect choice. Amber has a love of life and a big personality, and made her first and a rare appearance in the show ring at the HWVA Open Show 18/4/04.

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