The Sprockets

Csovarberki Ravasz Amid Leiborschy x Leiborschy Rena

3rd August 2016

An exciting, new and very welcome combination for us, Ravasz's first litter and the Rena's last chance for a first litter. Seven delightful puppies who we will watch with great interest.










     Leiborschy Artur. Arthur begins life not too far from us with two Labs as house mates. Experienced owners Sally and David have a cracker in their hands and we hope to see Arthur compete in Working Trials and perhaps set foot in the show ring. A Ravasz look alike with a laid back temperament he will convert the owners to the breed in a heart beat, he is as gorgeous on the inside as the outside.Arthur passed the Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen Award at  seven months. Arthur has qualified for Crufts 2018.

Leiborschy Gustav. Goose heads south to enhance a super experienced dog family with Netty the greyhound as his mentor. A straight down the line, archetypal Wire, Goose embodies all that is the breed. Sensible, funny, loyal and full of affection, what more could you ask for. Sensible Netty will succumb to Gooses's charms.

Leiborschy Maryn. A HUGE amount of research from very experienced people went into finding Heidi. Cocker and English Springer people through and through, Ron and Maggie will now experience life with a Wire and oh what joy they're in for. A sensible, what you see is what you get, uber confident puppy we hope Heidi will give Ron some fun back in the show ring, without all the coat care! Not her dad and not her Mum, Heidi reaches back into the Leiborschy generations for her looks. Heidi is very close to us and we look forward to meeting up for walks and shows.

Leiborschy Noma. This gorgeous puppy stayed a little longer with us whilst her experienced owners dined at the world famous restaurant Noma in Copenhagen.I described Noma to her owners as the brightest button in a box of bright buttons. I have rarely seen such a responsive, willing, intelligent puppy who was sitting to hand signal at 7 weeks, recalling to whistle at 8 weeks and who knows what if only I had kept her. Life for Noma is in North Uist with Leiborschy Heisgeir where she will undertake Gundog training and as much ringcraft as she get get. It was very hard to let this little lady go but we know she is in very safe hands and will deepen Tracey and Eric's knowledge of the breed. Noma competed at Crufts 2018.

Leiborschy Ravasz's First. Reuben begins life north of the border with an experienced Wire family. A long, emotional and tough journey for all of us led to Reuben choosing his family and bringing smiles and laughter back into their home This confident, robust chap is just what the doctor ordered and the sight of him driving off in William's arms was the culmination of much thought and decision. The stakes were high for Reuben but he, as we knew he would, has delivered and some. The image of his Dad with overtones of his Mum and a one off as Ravasz's first puppy he is indeed very, very special.

Leiborschy Rufus. If Ravasz made puppies.... a complete mini me this fabulous, chunky chap begins like in London with experienced owners. Very bright and irresistible Rufus has a gathering fan club and is adored by several Grandchildren of Sandra and John. Frequenting coffee shops, parks and playing with local canines Rufus takes everything in his stride and his owners are encouraging him to experience anything and everything. One of those Wires that sucks you in Rufus will reward his owners adoration in spades.

Leiborschy Cantus. Shaynee begins life in North Norfolk with Leiborschy Lololi In Pocket ( Lola). Rena and Ravasz specially made Shaynee for our precious friends but at the time of her birth none of us knew this. She was specially made to slip through the chasm left in the hearts of Jen and Sue, how Rena and Ravasz knew this, we simply don't know but as it was Shaynee's destiny, we all ran with it. A down to earth girl who lives life to the full and fuller she has one mission, to make Jen and Sue laugh. This puppy shows why you just don't question why things happen, you just go with the flow.