The Rathes

8th April 2017

Riannor Ozskar x Leiborschy Jante A Legacy


The perfect combination of linebreeding and outcrossing, I had planned this combination for a long time but had to wait for the right HUU combination in order for  it to happen. This mating brings in an import line used by Leiborschy in 2004 and as a puppy from that litter wasn't kept I am thrilled to now keep a puppy containing these lines. Nine super puppies who have taken the best of Mum and Dad and five of the litter qualified for Crufts 2019 .

Leiborschy Jussi. Lynne and Stephen can't quite believe this handsome chap has joined their family in the North East. A pup about town, Jussi is super socialised and will take Lynne and Stephen into the world of dog showing .Having recently seen him at his first visit to a dog show we are thrilled with how he is growing. Jussi is a perfect illustration of how our waiting lists work! Jussi  qualified for Crufts 2018 and is HUU tested.

Leiborschy Maverick Heath. Kipling aka Kip is a one off, unique, broke the mould puppy. Loved by everyone who visited, he joins Jane and Eddie in Scotland after years of waiting for a Leiborschy. Jane did try and be grown up about  choosing, her head and heart took a few days to synchronize but they did eventually and she realised there was no other puppy for her but Kip .Jane and Kip are a winning combination and we anticipate great things from this team. It's doubtful Leiborschy will ever have the joy of rearing such a maverick pupster again.

  Leiborschy Allium for Riannor,  Grania, goes off to live with her Dad and Grandma in Otley and what a problem she caused us when we came to choose our girl ! The image of her father, uber confident with a super rich, dark coat we are thrilled that Grania eventually chose to emigrate to Riannor and hope that she will continue the Riannor line. Grania will be showing alongside two brothers and her sister. I've no doubt she will make her show ring presence known to all. Grania  qualified for Crufts for life, gaining her studbook number at National Gundog 2019. She is HUU tested.

"Leiborschy Allium for Riannor, mature bitch who was a bit sluggish on the move but loved her type, coat and outlook, excellent head and expression, she is balanced with a good topline and tailset, well muscled and with hindquarters with moderate angulation and a lovely depth of chest and a strong loin, of a good size, won an interesting class"

Three Counties June 2019 Judge P Blay

"Larger build than 1 but still well balanced. Coat slightly longer than 1 and not as wirey. Liked her shoulder placement and depth of chest. Tail of correct thickness and tapering to the end."

Birmingham National May 2019 Judge B Stamp

Leiborschy Ludo, Ludo begins life in Oxfordshire with Sally and Mike. What a pretty, puppy she is with the perfect character to introduce her owners to the breed. Very bright, responsive and sociable we hope Ludo will give Sally and Mike years of pleasure and fun. Ludo's training has already commenced and she is going to be a super star.

Leiborschy Theo, Theo begins his new life very local to me I get the pleasure of seeing him regularly and what a strong, handsome chap he is growing into. Bob, Jayne and Jo have a new helper at their livery yard and what a sensible helper Theo is .His owners use words like awesome, blown away and in awe about this gorgeous chap and we cannot disagree. I will be able to see this lovely puppy as he grows.

     Leiborschy Leif, Leif joins his maternal Grandfather Leiborschy Lincoln of Fryerfold in Derbyshire. A stunning yet moderate puppy Fryerfolds new puppy has been coming for a few years, they were just waiting for Leif, but they didn't know it. Everything an HWV puppy should be is contained in a Leif package and we are thrilled we will see him in the show ring. Bestest mate with his Grandad and a companion for Frankie the Smooth, Leif will have a wonderful life with a very experienced owner. Leif qualified for Crufts 2018 at his first championship show and is HUU tested. Leif is qualified for Crufts 2019.

" Leiborschy Leif of Fryerfold Medium sized dog of deep russet colour, good proportions and deep chest with a nice level top line, straight legs with slightly sloping pasterns. Good wiry jacket"

Birmingham National May 2019 Judge B Stamp

"1st Stephensons Leiborschy Leif of Fryerfold – Sound 18 month old dog, lovely gently expression on a good head, ok angulation and muscle, coat ok and he moves out well with power"

Midland Counties October 2018 Judge D Smillie Gray

" 1 Stephenson's Leiborschy Leif Of Fryerfold. Rangy type but well put together. Broad over skull, kind expression. Muscular arched neck. Front angulation strong and muscular. Chest well let down. Hindquarters powerful and muscular. Coat developing well. Moved out steadily."

Three Counties June 2019 Judge T Pearson

" Stephensons Leiborschy Leif of Fryrefold, still very puppy looking but a nice overall outline. Nice feet, good angulation, and correct coat coming through. Moved well with movement being the point giving it the edge over 2."

Blackpool Ch Show June 2018 Judge K Bingham

"1st & BP Stephenson's Leiborschy Leif of Fryerfold. Promising 10 month old dog with ideal skull proportions and leathers, sufficient furnishings for age and with a clean lengthy neck. He stood on a straight front with good forechest, forehand, top line and rear angles. He presented a typical outline of a young dog. One to like. Very pleased indeed to see him short listed in the challenge for BPIS."

Mid Western Gundog February 2018 Judge D Arrowsmith

"Stephenson’s Leiborschy Leif of Fryerfold, 9mth puppy dog, dignified expression, correct bite, moderate stop, kind eye, fine leathers framing the cheeks, nice beard and brows. Would prefer a longer upperarm, good body proportions, coat dense and protective, correct slightly low tailset and correct rear angulation with good thighs, a little unsteady on the move, should have a bright future. BP & BOB."

Lichfield and DCS February 2018 Judge G Buller

Leiborschy Martha, Martha starts her new life in Norfolk with Great Aunt Leiborschy Brona ( Ruby). The sweetest of puppies with a beautiful head and expression Martha and Ruby make the perfect pair. Jane and Roger are rightly proud of their girls, it couldn't have worked out better. With Ruby as a perfect role model Martha will grow up calm, balanced and sociable as she visits all the many beautiful walks and beaches in her locality.

Leiborschy Murchadh, Murdo begins life near Aberdeen. Margaret and Brain wanted a puppy that looked like Mum and oh my goodness, did they get one! Handsome, level headed, moderate with a super coat Murdo will turn heads wherever he goes. His character and personality will begin to bring back the joy of dog ownership to his family after such sadness. Murdo is in the most experienced and caring hands and will thrive with the nurturing he gets.Murdo has qualified for Crufts 2019.

LEIBORSCHY MURACHADH (MR B J & MRS M A GARDEN) V good head, light eyes. Correct neck. Quite good proportions with a fair topline. Feet can improve. Went well."

Scottish KC May 2018 Judge J Horswell

Leiborschy Yaika, Poppy stays at Leiborschy. I loved her from day one and EVENTUALLY realised she was the one for me. Measured, bright, calm with overtones of her Mum and Dad I hope Poppy will input into our lines in years to come. Training her is a joy with her responsiveness and desire to please and with this young lady I am  wiping the slate clean and trying lots of new approaches, Poppy has renewed me and she's so much fun. Best girl buddies with her Mum Jante, Poppy also enjoys the company of Ravasz. Poppy will be seen in the show ring with Leif, Grania and Jussi. Poppy  qualified for Crufts 2018 and took her first major award, Best Bitch aged 8 months old. Meet Poppy here