Leiborschy Lenya


Leiborschy Wilfek X Leiborschy Griet


Meet our Grieting, Choni ( Kurdish for how are you). A fifth generation Leiborschy, Choni seems to have fortunately amalgamated past and present generations, manifesting in an "old fashioned" but sadly diminishing type with a super outgoing, ( Griet's) extrovert personality. One of ten super pupppies, Choni brings to Leiborschy characteristics of the breed that are so important and we are delighted with her potential contribution to Leiborschy breeding. Choni has found her feet very quickly with her Mum, Dad, Great Grandma, Great Great Grandma and close cousin, who all adore her.  Choni is HUU tested and hip scored.  She had her first litter, The Sixpences, in November 2015. Four of the six puppies are successfully showing and have qualified for Crufts 2017.

Choni at three and a half


Choni aged 12 months and 2 years

Choni's results

"1 Parrys Leiborschy Lenya, feminine head, could maybe have just a bit more width of muzzle. Correct neck. Nice front. She is well ribbed & holds a strong topline. Enough hind angulation. Could have used tail more. In super coat. BP "

Leeds Championship Show July 2014 Judge G Horswell

"Hard to separate 1 & 2. 1 carried her tail down whilst 2 carried hers up! 1 Parry’s Leiborschy Lenya, a robust 10 month bitch with strong bone, straight front, well muscled slightly arched neck, enough heart & lung room & strong loin. Pretty head, good earset & lovely thin leathers of correct shape. Harsh & close fitting coat golden sand in colour. Has a strong rear driving action. BP"

Windsor Championship Show June 2014 Judge C Morgan

" Parry’s Leiborschy Lenya. Another stunning puppy, in good coat moderate angulation, pretty head of correct proportions with lively and intelligent expression."

HWVA Championship Show April 2014 Jude M MCangus

Minor Puppy Bitch

"Parry’s Leiborschy Lenya, eight month puppy. Another nice bitch of different type, slightly bigger all through than 1. Good coat, tight feet, furnished head, good rear angulation."

HWVA Championship Show April 2014 Judge Rachel Newman

Special Awards Junior