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Since 1996 Wires have been a way of life at Leiborschy and every Leiborschy dog bred is featured on this site.

The Leiborschy family now extends to Australia, Norway and South Africa.

Enjoy meeting our dogs and those of our extended family.


A week today, the 1st July, myself and 8 other Leiborschy owners will be taking part in a Race For Life Pretty Muddy at Clumber Park. The idea was hatched by me after the completion of my Radio Therapy last summer and although there have been times I though I would be too unwell to take part, the time is almost upon us and I will complete it. Dragging, encouraging, shaming and jollying me around will be Julie , Sue D, Sue H, Sarah , Hannah , Pauline , Vinnie and Esme. We all have our reasons for running and I am grateful to them that they have supported me in this. The Leiborschy family has kept me going since my diagnosis in February 2016 and they continue to support me even when I come up with ridiculous ideas such as this. So Leiborschy Bronze Ha'penny, Leiborschy Give A Tuppence with Swnydwr, Leiborschy Gold Sovereign, Leiborschy Lincoln and Leif of Fryerfold, Leiborschy Brunhilda Ad Lib, Leiborschy Maia Do Ones Best, Leiborschy Manney and my Leiborschy Wilfek, Rena, Jante A Legacy, Lenya and Yaika and Csovarberki Ravasz Amid Leiborschy........ Give your owners a break from walking  next week end , they will have got sweaty, muddy, wet, exhausted to raise a magnificent amount for Cancer research.

MASSIVE THANK YOU to those that have already donated and if you feel you can donate please look at our page here






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