Leiborschy Griet

16/8/10 - 11/9/14

Starshot Harvest Moon x Leiborschy Yeva of Elyscea

Meet Griet , a fourth generation (4G ) Leiborschy, named after the subject of one of my favourite paintings Girl with Pearl Earring, Johannes Vermeeer (1665). Too hard to overlook with her sanguine, extrovert personality and overall presence. "Noticeable" was the adjective most used for Griet by those visiting the litter.

Griet entered the ring with her sister and brothers early 2011 and qualified for Crufts 2012 at her first Championship Show. She was awarded a Reserve Best Bitch at the age of nine months under the well respected Zena Thorn-Andrew and  qualified for Crufts 2014

Griet is hip scored and although she may not be perfect herself, one of her hips is, with a perfect zero score. I believe this was the first and is only one of two zero scores in the breed, she is also HUU tested. She had her first litter, 10 puppies, in August 2013 from which we kept the outrageously mischievous Leiborschy Lenya.

Griet's life was tragically cut short when she died on 11th September 2014  a few hours after giving birth to a litter of twelve by C Section. Griet appeared unwell as she finished feeding her puppies their first feed and  was rushed back to the vets but suffered a post anaesthesia heart attack on the way and died. Our feelings of shock, bewilderment, loss and hopelessness cannot be described in words. Her litter,  Griet's Expectations, are extraordinarily precious to us and those that knew and loved Griet. She was our party girl, no grey days in Griet's world, every day was sunny and deserved to be lived to the full. We have had many black days since we lost Griet but hope that some of Griet's spirit lives on in her litter.

Griet's results

Leiborschy Griet loved and missed every day.


"Parry’s Leiborschy Griet , top size bitch of good make and shape, nice head, very good front topline and quarters, moved OK in good coat and condition."

HWVA Championship Show April 2012 Judge M Armstrong

"Parry’s Leiborschy Griet, built on similar lines as 1. Lacking slightly in substance at this time she still has time to mature. Overall very pleasing bitch with a future, movement was steady & true"

Manchester Championship Show January 2012 Judge M Howes

"Parry’s Leiborschy Griet; well bodied 11 and a half months W/h Vizsla , pleasing to go over, nice coat, moved and showed well."

BNSC Puppy and Puppy Group 3

Scunthorpe CA August 2011 Judge M Boswell

"Leiborschy Griet, nicely made puppy with good construction & type, shown in lovely coat, however just not as balanced as yet, moved well"

Three Counties Championship Show June 2011 Judge J Thirwell

"Parry's Leiborschy Griet, very free & easy moving, lovely refined head without being in the least bit weak. Good neck and front, nicely muscled for age. Cuts up a bit sharp in underline & ribbing. Good topline & quarters. "

Reserve Best Bitch

Bath Championship Show May 2011 Judge Zena Thorn Andrews

"Parry's Leiborschy Griet, litter sister to BP with same quality, good balance, good neck, shoulders and topline. Would prefer little more return of upper arm for better reach but still only 8 months. Good bone, excellent coat."

The National May 2011 Judge Jean Fairlie

"Leiborschy Griet, 8 months, taller bitch who has good lines & moving well. Not as firm in body as I. Good coat & colour, good head proportions. A lot of promise"

HWVA Championship Show April 2011 Judge F Kane

"Parry’s Leiborschy Griet, 8 months bitch, nice size, pleasing head, kind expression, well laid shoulders, good length of upper arm, good depth of chest, strong hindquarters, nice tight feet, correct coat "

Best Puppy in Breed

Birmingham Gundog and Terrier Society April 2011 Judge D Hammond

with her Great Great Grandma Nona November 2010

and her Grandma Yendah

and her Grandad Mallard