Gavic Gold Bullion of Leiborschy, Henry

Shannamaya Kupuvar at Tamnavulin X Lanspar Monika

Henry was an excellent worker with Falcons and Hawks, he was a persistent, steady, thorough game finder who displayed wonderful pointing ability. He possessed a superb temperament and was a joy to own. Twice Crufts qualified, he had been lightly shown. Henry passed on superb qualities for Leiborschy and has given us a wonderful foundation to build upon. His progeny have his impeccable temperament, have achieved outstanding success in the show ring and are proving to be reliable working companions. Henry was Dog World/Pedigree Top Stud Dog 2006, an achievement as he only sired two litters.

Gavic Gold Bullion of Leiborschy


20th April 1997 to 15th August 2008

" love knows not it's own depth until the hour of separation"

Jonathan and I were humbled and honoured to receive the donations in memory of Henry.

Less than a week after Henry's death we were in a garden centre admiring a display. Central to the display was a 5 foot Celtic Stone, the label read "Celtic Stone....Henri"

Donations from Leiborschy owners have enabled us to purchase the stone and it sits on the pondside, Henry's favourite place.

We will have a plaque set on it inscribed

"Remembering Henry

20/4/97 - 15/8/08


The Leiborschy Clan"

We cannot thank you enough for helping us remember this wonderful and special boy


Henry almost 9, still enjoying himself on a training day Feb 06

Henry with Grandson Leiborschy Idő of Vorosarkany, Daughter Leiborschy Yendah and Grandson Leiborschy Melek