New arrivals

We are thrilled with the arrival of Jante's litter, The Rathes born 7th April.

 Welcome to the world to

 Poppy, Phlox, Sweet Pea, Bane, Heath, Malus, Hosta, Larkspur and  Allium.

The Rathes Gallery

11 day old Allium

The Girls Week 2

Allium Phlox


Sweet Pea

The Boys Week 2

Bane Hosta
Heath Larkspur


The Girls Week 1




Sweet Pea

The Boys Week 1

Bane Hosta
Heath Larkspur





Leiborschy Jante A Legacy    11/9/14

Leiborschy Lincoln of Fryerfold x Leiborschy Griet

Hip score 6/7  Huu Tested



Riannor Ozskar   3/11/09

Bayside Brokk of Lanokk x Riannor Lenci

Hip score 5/3    Huu Tested



Because Jante took us by surprise and came into season two months early this litter will be called The Rathes, middle English for a prompt or eager person and flowering or blossoming early in the year.

This combination ticks all the boxes for us and allows us to go back into our lines and yet still bring fresh lines in. It encompasses and strengthens the lines that Leiborschy and Riannor are founded on and brings in lines from Holland and Germany through a dog that we have long admired that was born in 1994. Although this dog sired a litter for Leiborschy in 2004 we didn't keep from the mating so the opportunity now to use his Great  Grandson is very exciting.

Jante is a fifth generation Leiborschy and is a very special to us as a legacy from her Mum, Griet. She is very pretty, medium sized with substantial bone and substance. Lightly shown last year due to Diane's illness Jante still achieved 1st in Junior Bitch at Crufts and 1st in Graduate Bitch at The National Gundog five months later. She is the sweetest of girls, very feminine and insistently affectionate to dogs and humans. Jante is a joy to own, biddable, has a penchant for standing on tables and has a great sense of humour. Meet Jante here

I have known Noa all his life, I have known his dam since birth and also his maternal Grand Dam. His maternal Great Grand Dam was in the show ring the same time as Jante's maternal Great Great Grand dam Nona, so Noa seems part of the family. A charmingly placid chap with a gorgeous head and expression Noa fits the breed standard perfectly. He has a rich, dark correct coat and is a breed typical no nonsense, uncomplicated gentleman. Noa has recently been fertility tested we are delighted to be able to use an older dog that has a long and consistently good health record. Noa has been consistently succesful in the ring for throughout his career, he has two Challenge Certificates both awarded by breed specialists and two reserve Challenge Certificates.

None of the puppies from this litter will suffer from Hyperuricosuria, Urate stone disorder.


Photos of Jante taken February 2017