Puppy Watching

12 June 2008

Leiborschy Wilfek X Leiborschy Lajka

Leiborschy Ezra. Ezra starts his new life with Kyla the Wire in Middlesex. He is the result of a few false starts and a very patient wait by his family, who assure us that they are prepared for a Lajka son ! As well as being Kyla's constant companion Ezra will set paw in the show ring at the end of the year. His mother's son ..............we look forward to watching his progress .Ezra qualified for Crufts 2009 aged 6 months to the day by winning Junior Dog. Not content with that he came 2nd in Post Graduate Dog and took Best NSC Puppy.Ezra qualified for Crufts 2010 at Crufts 2009 and was awarded his Bronze Good Citizen at 9 months.


Leiborschy Randall. Randall.......... stood out in the crowd as a very special puppy for a very patient, little girl. Niamh ordered a Mallard ........ and she got one with Randall's gentle , sensitive and intuitive nature. We are so glad Randall lives close by in Nottinghamshire and we will see him regularly and watch his and Niamh's relationship grow. Niamh and Randall achieved the Kennel Club GOLD Good Citizen Award in June. 2009.


 Leiborschy Hugo Oszkar. Hugo has started a new life in Bedfordshire with Lulu the Weimie. Everything you would want in a Wire is embodied in Hugo and we am sure his owners will realise very quickly what a special breed this is.

  Leiborschy Saffron Szerez. Saffron has gone North to Cumbria to a very experienced owner after a long and patient wait. She will keep Delta the Lab company and tease the cat. With her mothers personality she will keep her owners on their toes as she tries to outwit them. Saffron will be seen in the ring from the end of the year and we are sure that her over brimming confidence will equip her well. Saffy began her show career at LKA in December 2008 aged 6 months to the day. Saffy is hip scored.


 Leiborschy Ekko. Ekko..............and what a little gem he is. Ekko starts a wonderful life with a very patient and wise GSP Spitz, in Warwickshire. Ekko will undertake Gundog training and will show his owners what fun the show ring can be. The question is who will handle in the show ring?. Well Joan handles in the ring and Ekko debuted at LKA December 2008 aged 6 months to the day. Ekko had his first Puppy Group placing in March 2009 and his first adult Group placing in June2009. Ekko competed in his first Working Test in September 2009 and he has qualified for Crufts 2012 , being awarded Reserve Best Dog CC at the inaugural HWVA Champ Show, he is now Crufts qualified for life and has a KC Stud Book number. Ekko is hip scored and HUU tested.

"Dowell’s Leiborschy Ekko, fully mature dog who was well presented, balanced in head with intelligent expression coming from eyes of good colour, adequate neck, good forechest, well boned straight legs, excellent depth & length of rib, correct body proportions & strong topline, good coat texture & colour, strong rear, good width of thigh & hock to ground short & straight. Moved soundly on a good stride although would have liked a little more animation."

Best Dog

WELKS April 2013 Judge A Friar

"Dowell's L Ekko, super dog of great substance, overall balance & type, lovely masculine noble head, nice eye colour & expression under brows, strength of foreface well furnished, strong srched neck of moderate length, well laid shoulders, firm topline he;ld well on the move, tail set on well, sometimes carries a little low, beautiful body & chest depth, well ribbed back, super coat & texture in lovely condition, good forechest & upper arm, nice stifle & muscletone, straight well boned forelegs & arched tight feet, really stylish mover with good ground coverage & drive, very sound. BD"

Best Dog

LKA December 2011 Judge J Miller

"Dowell's L Ekko, pleasing head, eye & expression, in better balance & with less weight than his brother in the previous class, moved soundly & collectedly. Of pleasing colour, coat & type, should just be moving into his best form & could yet do very well. BOB"

Crowle June 2011 Judge G Bayne

Dowell's L Ekko. Lovely settled dog whose temperament shines out, good width across second thigh giving strong drive from rear, really nice boy"

The National May 2011 Judge Jean Fairlie

"Leiborschy Ekko, lighter coloured dog but excellent texture, his balance took my eye, lovely type, lovely size & holds his shape well, excellent head & eye, scored in front action & topline here. Just a touch overangulated in rear but uses his hock well. "

Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate

Judge Frank Kane HWVA Championship Show April 2011

"Leiborschy Ekko, 30 months, lovely type and quality, nice head piece with a kindly eye and gentle expression, very pleasing in neck, forehand construction and ribbing, well coupled, pleasing outline and proportion although could perhaps be just a fraction longer in body. Good colour and coat texture, would have preferred to see a little more power and drive from his rear quarters"

Judge Ron JamesManchester January 2011

Dowell's L Ekko, handsome chap of a different more elegant type, beautiful head with melting expression well furnished, good in front assembly, chest well down, correct topline, well angulated strong rear moving off short hocks covering his ground"

Judge Rachel Thompson Midland Counties October 2010

"Dowell's Leiborschy Ekko, wheaten, lovely calm temperamnet, excellent head & expression, lovely lay-back of shoulder, good forechest, nice on the move. Not quite the movement of 1."

Judge Pat Baker SWKA October 2010


"Dowell's Leiborschy Ekko, clean over neck &shoulder, balanced angles throughout, has forechest, liked him in head & eye, harsh jacket, very sound & true in movement, correct tail carriage"

Judge Chris Atkinson September 2010

"Dowells Leiborschy Ekko, medium sized boy, good well balanced head, distinguished expression, good head furnishings, nicely proportioned body, steady movement, correct top line, nicely shown. Reserve Best Dog"

Judge Gordon Haran Windsor July 2010

"Dowell`s Leiborschy Ekko, strong & masculine, I felt he had the most typical outline & balance in this class, super head with a square appearance due to his good furnishings, good layback of shoulder & length of upper arm, but I felt he shows rather too much angulation behind to be described as `moderate`. He moved with power & purpose on a long stride. Close run thing for BOB, I liked him very much but felt the open class winner had better overall balance"

Judge S Allerton Crowle June 2010

"1st Dowell's Leiborschy Ekko. Well balanced throughout with a kind expression. Good front, bone & feet. Well bodied. Moved & handled well. "


Judge Mervyn Philpott Evesham CS June 2010

" good head and outline sound in movement BD "

Judge Meg Purnell-Carpenter Border Union Rare Breeds June 2010

"Very stylish & sound, excellent type with good wiry coat, pleasing well proportioned head, good depth of body & strong through loin, really covered ground well on move "

Judge Freda Marshall Birmingham National May 2010

"Quality well grown dog presenting a very attractive picture, lovely head with a good muzzle, kind expression from correct eyes, long neck into clean well placed shoulders and good length of upperarm, nicely boned limbs and good feet, well ribbed body, good topline leading to correct croup, well angulated behind, thick wiry coat, very sound moving dog – close to Reserve Best Dog just needs to complete his maturity."

Judge Sharon Pinkerton LKA 2009

"L. Ekko W/h Vizsla won this with some to spare, classic head, correct length to height ratio, moved OK RBNSC."

Judge Jonathan Daltrey Worcester and Malvern January 2010

"nice example of the breed, not too big but has bone and depth, good shoulder, held topline well, soft expression with a kind eye, coat and colour OK, stands well over ground on tight feet, moved on an even stride around the ring.'

Best Dog

Judge Sara Barnard Manchester 2010

"L Ekko: good head, neck & shoulders, muzzle slightly shorter than skull, moderate stop, ears well carried, chest deep & slight tuck-up of underline, well angulated, low set hocks, good mover"

Judge Brenda Banbury Leeds July 2009

"L Ekko: Pleasing expression, good length of neck, balanced quarters, enough depth of body for age, moved very soundly. BOB, G4"

Judge Editha Newton Crowle Show June 2009

"nice for size and type, slight roman nose and lacks a bit of stop. Good front, bone ok but feet need to tighten, needs to muscle up. Lovely body and outline, well set and carried tail, excellent coat."

Judge Zena Thorn Andrews Three Counties June 2009

"In excellent coat for his age and in good body condition, head handles well and has nice expression, sound mover RBD"

Reserve Best Dog

Judge Karina Le Mare Southern Counties June 2009

"Leiborschy Ekko, very typy boy, loved his head, very raw but has potential, moved soundly for his age."
Judge G Haran May 2009

"Head of good shape, medium size eye, well set ears, arched neck flowed into a level topline, moderate angulation and well let down hocks deep in body, moved well"

Best Puppy in Breed

Best of Breed

Judge Janet Richards West Country Dog Club May 2009

"Pleasing head into clean neck & shoulder placement, balanced body of good depth with strong bone, thick tail set on good hindquarters which gave plenty of drive, coat of good texture."

Judge Peter Harper HWVA Show April 2009

"a real character in the ring but full of type, had won a good NSC Puppy class, nice wiry coat, good body with good depth of rib ."

Puppy Group 4

Judge Bev Dummett Bristol Dog Club March 2009


"Puppy, lovely make and shape for his age, best of heads, good bone & substance throughout, excellent depth of chest, well developed quarters, moved soundly."

Best Puppy in Breed

Judge David Shields Mid Western Gundog February 2009


"Well grown boy of excellent colour, liked his head & expression, good
depth & body, moved with reach & drive. BOB, BP"

Judge Sandra Marshall Stoke on Trent Gundog January 2009

"7 months dog puppy, very well balanced, lovely head & expression, well boned, good quality coat, strong topline, moved well once settled"

Best NSC Puppy

Judge Enid Hillsea Coalville January 2008

"7 months baby, loved his head & kind eye of good colour, super expression, well made neck & front construction, pleased in body, good topline, rearquarters correct, tight feet, good coat & furnishings, plenty of bone throughout, moved soundly, standing gave a balanced outline, shows lots of promise, liked him a lot. BP"

Judge Keith Groom Manchester January 2009


" 6 months male puppy, quite mature for age, lovely calm temperament, excellent head shape, full dentition, scissor bite, good forechest, well off for bone, correct angulation, moved well for one so young, should have a bright future".

Best Puppy and Best of Breed

Judge Pat Baker Dukeries January 2009

"only a baby at 6 months, good outline when standing, best of heads, , good neck and shoulder, level topline, clean tail run off, deep enough chest, went well on the move. Sorry he was not around for BP"

Judge Ann Digby December 2008

 Leiborschy Yannik. Yannik starts life in Hertfordshire with Howard and Anias. A perfect threesome Yannik will introduce Howard to dog ownership and extend Anias's extensive canine knowledge. A very quick learner already and charming everyone he meets, he really is as sweet as Candy ( Kane).


 Leiborschy Marci. Marci finally arrives in Norfolk after a very long and patient wait. What a bright as a button puppy with her mothers fizz ! Sam............you wanted a puppy with Lajka's attitude.........you got one! In the capable hands we know that training will be fun and rewarding whilst Holli the Labrador watches on. Marci passed her Bronze Kennel Club Good Citizens Scheme award at the age of 24 weeks and her Silver at 6 months and one day and her Gold at 12 months. Marci began her show career aged 6 months to the day at LKA, December 2008. Marci competed in her first Working Test in September 2009, qualified for Crufts 2011 and enjoys agility. She beats during the working season in Norfolk.  Marci is hip scored and HUU tested.

"Tidy girl, moved out well, liked everything. Just lacked a bit of maturity"

Judge Gordon Haran East of England July 2010

"Very pretty bitch with a lovely head and kind expression, good length of neck into clean shoulders, adequate boned legs, strong loins, well angulated behind, good coat, moved well"

Judge Sharon Pinkerton LKA 2009

"small and a bit light in bone, still within the Standard but would prefer her more robust, needs to strengthen all through, shows well"

Judge Zena Thorn Andrews Three Counties June 2009

 Leiborschy Manney. Manney lives in Cambs with two delightful and caring little girls and an adoring Mum and Dad. The "Poppet Puppy" of the litter he is soooo like his Dad. Chosen after much deliberation and waiting we know Manney is perfect puppy for them. Even Chester the cat agrees.


 Leiborschy Okos Heja-tars. Mr Serious chose to wait until right to the end to show us the real Oko .When he did he was the perfect choice for Miriam and destined to live in Devon. He will spend his life around birds of prey watching and working with them. He will have an adoring public, total commitment from his owner and live in Wire Utopia.