Puppy Watching

10 May 2006

Bayside Brokk of Lanokk Sh CM X Leiborschy Lajka


 Leiborschy Lana of Lanokk. Her Dad, Brokk can be very proud of this little lady Lana and can keep an eye on her as they live together with two smooths in Wales. Very pretty ..........and doesnt she know it ,her "look at me attitude" will equip her well for the show ring and we hope she will have much success. .............well she made a promising start by qualifying for Crufts 2007 at her first Championship Show and taking Best Puppy NSC . Lana has had three Puppy Group placings, a Best Minor Puppy in Show and a Reserve Best Puppy in Show in her first five months of showing and was awarded her first Gundog Group placing at 14 months. At the age of 16 months she was awarded her first Best Bitch at Darlington Ch Show and her second at Midland Counties Ch Show 2010. Lana is hip scored.

"Lovely headed bitch with well proportioned skull, straight front, adequate angulation and level back. Moved well."

Anita Roberts, Ruthin CS, July 2011

"Feminine bitch with good length of body, lovely head and eye, well laid shoulder, straight front with good bone, sufficient depth of chest and well ribbed back, correct topline, well angulated stifles with good width of thigh, wire coat of good texture, covered her ground on the move and tracking true."

Best Bitch

Judge Rachel Thompson Midland Counties October 2010

"Liked her as a youngster and she did not disappoint today. A very good sound girl. Good head, good coat, good topline, good depth of chest, and good angulation front and rear. Moved very well indeed and very well presented."

Jean Robertson, HWVA Open Show, September 2010

“lovely bitch, beautifully made, so clean over the shoulder, sound on the move”

Best of Breed

Judge REA Rose-Hay Ruthin July 2010

"completed an excellent trio. In super condition, lovely head, neck, shoulders and topline. Perhaps just a shade too much tuck up compared to 1 and 2 but has very good hind angulation. Moved well."

Judge Chris Bexon Crufts 2010

'Good type, coat and colour, neck in to good lay of shoulder and forechest, stands over the ground well with good quarters, moved well.'

Judge Sara Barnard Manchester 2010

"excellent coat, good bone & feet, balanced all through, pleasing head, good rib, topline & tailset, sound mover."

Judge Carole Coode Crufts 2009

"Pleasing bitch with appealing head and eye, good arch to neck, well laid clean shoulders, tight elbows, good bone and feet, well sprung rib with wide well muscled loin and quarters, well let down hocks, excellent coat texture, moved straight and true with an easy stride."

Judge Sandy Platt, Rhyl CS, November 2008

"Balanced young lady, shown and handled well to her advantage, good length of head, tapering slightly with a square muzzle, sufficient bone, compact body, tight feet, in good coat, moved true."

Best NSC Gundog

Judge Lyn Hunter, Caernarfon & DCS, November 2008

"slightly finer bitch than 1 but very feminine with a pretty head, good bone and well presented coat in excellent condition, good neck and shoulders, well proportioned body, moved well, looking particularly good in profile giving a good reach forward"

Judge Pam Blay SWKA July 2008

"pleasing type, nice head, deep balanced body with plenty of substance, in good coat & condition, moved well"

Judge John Thirwell The National May 2008

"Another very pretty bitch with quite a strong head, eyes need to keep darkening, good boned limbs and rounded feet, long neck into clean shoulders and good length of upperarm, lovely spring of ribs, good topline and croup, very good hindquarters, moved well in very good coat."

Judge Sharon Pinkerton HWVA Show April 2008

"another type wire from this kennel. Slightly longer in loin and a little bigger than her sister, but still has nice angles about her. Very similar to sister in head, coat, bone and feet and moved well"

Judge Sara Barnard WELKS April 2008
"Good skull and muzzle, strong jaws and broad nose, correct eye set and colour, neat fine ears, excellent head carriage, neck and forehand construction, good bone structure to limbs and feet, well made ribcage with sturdy body and couplings, powerful loin and muscular thighs, scored on second thighs and strength of pasterns."

Best of Breed

Judge Jinty Gill Davis, Goyt Valley Gundog, March 2008

Overall sound conformation, good coat, good depth to elbows, correct angulation, good spring of rib, good feet, nice head, kind expression, good shoulder placement, level topline."

Best of Breed

Judge Teresa Snaith, Merseyside Gundog, November 2007

"Nice head and expression, nice front, good bone and reach of neck, nice shoulders, good topline, nice body, good hindquarters, well presented, very sound."

Judge Derek Allsopp, Llandudno CS, January 2008

"Quality bitch, lovely head and eye, good front angulation, correct depth to body, strong loin and well developed quarters, good tailset, lovely tight feet, in super coat and condition, moved very well."

Judge Catherine Carter, Coventry Gundog , December 2007

"Really moves well, good coat, nice feminine head, good depth and turn of stifle, powerful rear, RBB"

Reserve Best Bitch

Judge Doreen Smillie Midland Counties October 2007

"Very promising Wirehaired Vizsla, balanced feminine head, correct eye, well set ears, sufficient depth of chest for age, level topline, strong rear, moved out well. Pushed hard for Best NSC Gundog."

Tom Graham, Caernarfon & DCS, November 2007

"Balanced, true topline and tail, strong front and quarters, moved well."

Reserve Best Bitch

Judge Val Foss Richmond September 2007

"Lovely girl, pretty head, good reach of neck, good front with tight feet, good depth of chest, nice rear angulation , excellent coat, moved very well, well handled"

Best Bitch

Judge Jean Robertson Darlington Sept 2007

"14 month old lovely bitch, correct coat colour and texture, pleasing expression, well angulated with correct feet and moved with drive."

Best NSC Gundog

Gundog Group 3

Judge Richard Stafford Ruthin CS July 2007
"Lovely head and expression, good reach of neck, good topline, great wire coat, balanced angulation and thus sound movement."

Judge Jean Fairlie, National Gundog August 2007
"Lovely pretty girl going out of puppy. Very mature, sired by my BOB and has his look. Good colour and textured coat. Sound moving both ways. Very promising."

1st Puppy Bitch

Judge Pauline Packham The National May 2007

"Impressive make and shape, shapely head and ears, clean neckline, nicely boned legs and feet, well balanced body, finished in muscular quarters, moves soundly, crisp coat, plenty of animation."

Best Puppy NSC


Judge Frank Jones, Anglesey CS, May 2007

"Balanced all through, blessed with a good coat and furnishings although being of a darker colour this made her eye look paler, correct front with good forechest, bone and feet. With pleasing overall length and well turned stifles she moved well with drive."

Judge Rachel Thompson Three Counties June 2007

"Promising 10 month old bitch. Very together. Good depth of chest and length of back. Well angulated front and rear. Straight front and good feet. Lovely harsh coat. Nice head and expression. Moved with drive. Will watch her progress with interest."

Best Puppy in Breed,

Puppy Group 2

Emma Davies, Bootle, Crosby and South Liverpool CS, March 2007

" Presented a shapely, correct outline, good head with lovely expression, long neck into clean well placed shoulders, good boned limbs and oval feet, lovely topline once she settled, well angulated behind, lovely harsh coat with furnishings, moved well"

Puppy Group 4

Judge Sharon Pinkerton Stoke on Trent Gundog January2007

"Very promising baby, good all through, moved well for age"

Best Puppy in Breed

Judge Jan Wood LKA 2006

 Leiborschy Yuugi. Yogi starts his new life in Hampshire and is being ably cared for by Ross and Cam, his new playmates. With the care and commitment that Yogi's family have shown he is sure to be the perfect companion .

    Leiborschy Freida. Freida could solve the whole worlds energy problems if we could only harness the energy of that ever wagging tail. She starts her new life in Bath with Sammy, her wire housemate. We are confident that Freida will be the perfect working companion for her Dad and at the age of 15 weeks had her first "warm" retrieve on Rabbit and Squirrel. Freida is already fulfilling all that her owner wanted in a wire. The friendliest of puppies we are sure Freida will melt the heart of everyone she meets.

  Leiborschy Tarquinn. Quinn begins life in Shropshire after a very long wait by his patient owner. Well researched and planned Quinn will bring companionship to Oriel the Otterhound. Very confident , self assured and mature Quinn will bring to his Mum the joys of training a wire. Quinn regularly attends working training days and competed in his first Working Test in August 2007.

 Leiborschy Kaleb. A very thoughtful , considered and easy to train Kaleb begins life in Kent with a doting Mum and Dad. After many years of dog ownership we are confident that Kaleb will show his owners what a special breed this is. Kaleb began Gundog training in late 2008 and by very early 2009 had achieved a Pass with Distinction ( 94/100) in The Gundog Club HPR Beginners Course. In May 2009 Kaleb and Susanne achieved a Pass with Distinction in The Gundog Club Field Test Grade 2 Junior HPR. In June 2009 Kaleb achieved a remarkable win at The Bracco Italiano Society Working Test at Ashdown , his first attempt at such. He continues to compete at Working Tests.....................In 2013 Kaleb was awarded the Kennel Club Gundog Working Certificate ( WGC) he joins a select few in the breed to achieve this award.

 Leiborschy Skarlat. Wow, Leiborschy Ochre and Bramble the Patterdale are about to have their lives turned upside down as the whirlwind that is Skarlat arrives in Devon. Confidence in abundance and identical in all ways to her mother and Grandmother, Skarlat hit the show ring in November 2006 and quickly took two Puppy Group placings. She has been shot over and entered her first Working Test in August 2007 and in 2008 began work as a shooting companion. Truly dual purpose, Skarlat came 2nd a in the Novice CLA Pick Up 2010, a tremendous result against Retrievers and Spaniels. Following on from this success, Skarlat was placed 3rd in Novice at the HWVA Gundog Working Test Sept 2010 and was awarded The Bardantop Award for the highest scoring HWV at the test. Skarlat was awarded the HWVA Amor Trohy for the highest scoring Show/Working points 2010/2011. She is hip scored.

" Mature dark russet girl, close fitting coat on head and neck, sufficient undercoat on body, straight front legs, moderate hind angulation, sloping croup giving her a slightly low tailset, moved well"

Judge B Stamp HWVA Show September 2009

"Sound moving bitch with right amount of bone and good feet, very feminine, showing a beautiful expression, coat of rich colour and texture, good front and depth of chest."

Judge Karina Le Mare Southern Counties June 2009


" I would like to thank all of the competitors for supporting The Gamekeepers classes. We had a wonderful entry with an excellent variation across all the classes. I was particularly impressed with the AOV Sporting Spaniel and AV Pointer Setter HPR classes ( might be a thought to the split the latter classes).
The quality was outstanding and it was a shame that I could only award 5 places in each class. Sound movement and good conformation is a must in a gundog who works throughout the season to allow the stamina to complete their appropriate function all day long and this had a lot of bearing on my placements........

"it was a pleasure to go over this breed and a credit to the owner for entering her and also working her. Youngster whom I hope has a promising future . Lovely wire coat and her colouring stood out under the lights , lovely expression and skull well proportioned with a good stop , well muscled neck of good length with shoulders laid back, body well proportioned with a level back slightly sloping croup towards the set of tail, strongly well developed body with well sprung ribs, well angulated hindquarters"

3rd from 33 exhibits

AV pointer, Setter, HPR Working Gundog Class Crufts 2009



"2 year old bitch with a well shaped head, nice eye colour, good length of neck. Well muscled, deep chest. Good body length with level topline. Covered the ground well on good solid legs RBOB"


Judge Hugh Sidebottom Exeter County CS September 2008

"Quality bitch in all respects, good proportions, sweet feminine head, nice wire coat, well muscled, moved very well."

" Very pleasing Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla bitch. Placed 3rd in a previous class, she appealed greatly she is so well made and moved really well to take this class."

Judge Angela Morgan Royal Bath and West June 2008

"super wire coated bitch, good head furnishings and eye, neck flowed into good shoulders and forechest, short back, good spring of rib, very balanced standing and moving"

Judge Sara Barnard WELKS April 2008

"A good wire with nice head, good shape, nice front, true movement, body depth and angulation good but needs to settle down to show true assets"

Judge Roly Cross Cornwall Gundog September 2007

"Different type to 1, nicely balanced and in good coat, excellent depth of chest, nicely developed over loin, good topline, strode out well on move, pleasing feminine head."

Judge Kathy Gorman Bournemouth 2007

"Should have a very good future, has lots of quality, good head, pleasing expression, correct front, well off for bone, excellent coat, should develop nicely"

Judge Stephen Hollings South Wales KA 2007

"Just over 10 months of age and very promising, pleasing type, lovely outline, excellent head shape with very good expression, pleasing face furnishings, coat developing nicely, really rich with good texture, moderate reach of neck, good lay of shoulder, moderate hind angulation, steady mover"

Best Puppy and Best of Breed

Judge Chris Bexon Cornwall Gundog March 2007

"Most promising puppy, raw as yet but with all the essentials, impressed on
the move for ground coverage and accuracy."

Puppy Group 1
Judge Jackie Lane Yeovil and DCS March 2007


                                                                                                                                           Steffan at almost 12 years of age

   Leiborschy Steffan. Steffan begins life in Lancashire with a Patterdale and a Yorkie and a two very smitten owners. A wonderful outdoor life awaits this most handsome chap who will dip his paw in the show ring occasionally, if we can wrestle him away from his Mum! At his first Championship Show he qualified for Crufts 2007 aged 6 months. Steffan gained his Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen Award in Nov 2006 and his Silver and Gold awards in April 2007 . Steffan is hip scored and HUU tested and he sired his first litter, 5 bitches and three dogs to Leiborschy Gwangiu in November 2008 from which we kept Leiborschy Yvie.

"Procters Leiborschy Steffan, good headed dog from this kennel, good eye expression, very good bone & feet,good rib & body length, in good condition. Just preferred the width & rear drive of 1"

Judge F Whyte Darlington 2010

"Procter`s Leiborschy Steffan, lovely dark harsh coat, straight when viewed from front, chest a little wide & a fraction stuffy in neck & slightly upright in shoulder placement. Good topline, leading to gentle sloping croup, a well muscled dog with plenty of bone, moved well with rear drive."

Judge G Pearson Leeds July 2010

"Another promising baby Typical and balanced just not forehand assembly of 1"

Judge Di Arrowsmith WELKS April 2010

"Pleasing head, correct eye & earset, good feet & lovely coat colour, moved ok"

Judge J Hawkins Accrington April 2010

"another pleasing youngster with masculine outlook, very good shape all round, good bones and feet. Lacks a little bit of strength in hindquarters to 1 and 2 Good texture to coat."

Judge Chris Bexon Crufts 2010

"lovely balanced and mature boy, good head shape, lovely reach of neck into well laid shoulder, good angulation, correct straight front and bone, has plenty of depth with well sprung rib. Not in the best of coats. On the move he was sound and steady."

Judge Mick Howes City of Birmingham Sept 2009

"well balanced, well proportioned head, moderately well muscled neck, level back, deep chest, which reached to the elbow, straight legs, tight arched feet, moved with drive"

Judge B Stamp HWVA Show September 2009

"Procter`s Leiborschy Steffan, balanced depth of chest & length of leg, slight height at withers, moderately wide skull, muzzle shorter,ears low set & furnished, good forechest & depth, good mover, harsh coat & furnishings."

Judge Brenda Banbury Leeds July 2009

"W/h Vizsla dog, head good, balanced construction, balanced outline, feet strong, moved soundly"

Judge Eleanor Bothwell Manchester January 2009

"Leiborschy Steffan, pleasing in type, masculine head of good shape, kind eye & expression, front well developed with body of depth, liked his muscular well made hindquarters, correct tailset & carriage, moved soundly, shown well in good condition"

Judge Keith Groom Manchester January 2009


"W/h Vizsla male, lovely colour, in nice coat, pleasing shape, nice front & body, very good bone for size, went well."

Judge Martin Philips December 2008

"Pleasing male, nice head, eye and length of ear, good angulation, straight front, good feet, nice length and tuck, correct tailset, strong quarters, hocks well let down, excellent colour and coat, moved well."

Judge Julie Ainscough Liverpool KA November 2008

"alone but deserved his placing, masculine of good construction, well muscled, moved with drive"

Judge Jean Cameron Midland Counties October 2008

"nicely balanced dog, good for size, well constructed front, nice bone, good topline & quarters, moved well"

Judge Moray Armstrong Driffield September 2008

"lovely head, expression & eye, excellent length of neck, good front angles, good depth, bone & feet, excellent coat, moved tidily."

Best of Breed

Judge Maxine O Connor North Riding Gundog May 2008

"pleasing outline & construction, moved well. Not in the best of coat. Presented a balanced picture"

Judge John Thirwell The National May 2008

"lovely sized dog, good head, eyes need to keep darkening, straight front and lovely boned limbs, strong neck, well ribbed body, short coupled with strong loins, moderate angulation, good coat, moved well especially in front action."

Judge Sharon HWVA Show April 2008

"does not always help himself when stacked but really comes together on the move. Not a big dog but balanced. nice head and expression, crest of neck and shoulders, short back, good feet, depth and spring of rib"

Reserve Best Dog

Judge Sara Barnard WELKS 2008

"Dog nicely put together, pleasing head, well boned, good coat, moved well".

Judge N Hughan Halifax February 2008

"Young dog with a masculine expression & a very pleasing head, true in front but was moving a little close behind, this will likely improve as his hindquarters strengthen, the small ring did not assist"

Judge R Billows Heywood and Radcliffe January 2008

" Very stylish looking male, not the size of 2 and although a very rich russet harsh coat, lacked a little in furnishings. Super masculine head, kind eyes, well carried ears, well bodied, good chest depth & angles, deep body, moderate spring of rib carried well back. nice hindquarters, good muscletone, straight well boned legs and arched feet, good stride but very close behind"

Judge Jenny Miller Manchester Ch Show January 2008

"Good head and front, nice length, ribbing and hindquarters, moved well"

Judge Ian Leyfield Deane Show December 2007

"Male with an OK wire coat of correct colour on the darker side of the standard, head OK, level topline, good width of second thigh, nice short nails but feet a little on the flat side. Slightly shorter in body than my BOB, RBOB"

Reserve Best of breed

Judge Claire Bainbridge Maghull & Merseyside October 2007

"nice head and eye, strong neck into good front assembly. OK topline and tailset. A bit weak at backend, moved OK, needs maturity has potential"

Judge Gordon Haran Blackpool 2007

"Well shaped head and neck good bone well held topline just needs to tighten in movement"

Judge Sheila Gray HWVA Open Show 2007

"Good head, neck and shoulder placement and bone. Still need to strengthen behind and grow more coat, nevertheless worthy of his place"

Judge Jan Wood LKA 2006