Puppy Watching

19 June 2002

Gavic Gold Bullion of Leiborschy X Lanspar Tarkony of Leiborschy


Pictured here is Leiborschy Olta (Erin). She is enjoying life in Bedfordshire with her best friend, Archie the HWV. Showing initial promise in the field.


Minnie ( L.Daejeon) living the life of riley in rural Shropshire. Training her owners very well and very quickly! Minnie has successfully completed the Kennel Club Good Citizen Puppy Foundation Assessment.

Mona (L. Niigata) A shooting companion in Essex, Mona shows a maturity beyond her years. She is truly and all round "wire", working a beating line, rough shooting and a sturdy retriever on driven days. She has completely converted her owner, previously a "dyed in the wool Lab man" to "wires". She lives with Golden and Labrador Retrievers.

Leiborschy Ulsan Von Haunsperg SH CM , (Henrik) seeing such potential in a dog from our first litter we decided to retain co ownership of Henrik. He is owned by Diane and Keeley Newman Jones and has given Keeley a memorable time in the show ring. In May 2005 he was awarded the breeds first Kennel Club Show Certificate of Merit. His full, younger sister Yendah followed in her brothers pawsteps achieving the Sh CM in Nov 2007. Henrik has delighted us in the ring and the results speak for themselves Henrik is hip scored .He sired his first litter to Moricroft Makin a Splash in April 2008 and his second to Lanspar Reti Purge in May 2008.

In the summer of 2007 Henrik started a new life in North Cumbria . Diane removed her co ownership and Keeley now campaigns him as his owner. Sadly, in August 2008 Henrik died suddenly , just 6 years old.

Henrik's notable successes to date are

HWVA Top HWV 2004/05

HWVA Top Male and runner up Top HWV 2006/07

Pedigree/Dog World Top HWV 2004 and 2006

Best Opposite Sex Crufts 2005

Best In Show Open Show 2005

Reserve Best in Show HWVA Open Show 2004

Open Show Group placings 1, 2, 3 and 4

Numerous Best of Breed, Best Dog and Res Best Dog at Ch Shows

Numerous Best of Breeds at Open Shows

Henrik gained The Kennel Club Show Certificate of Merit in May 2005.


2004 Best Opposite Sex Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla .

"Top class dog, excellent head & eye, mature, well constructed, in super hard condition, so very well balanced, covered ground with good reach, very accurate front and rear action, excellent tail carriage"

Best Dog

Judge Penny Williams Blackpool 2006

"A classy dog who stands out in a crowd. Well balanced and pleasing to look at from nay angle. Lovely straight front and plenty of chest room. Good depth of brisket. Elbows tucked in nicely. Good tight feet. Masculine head with good furnishings giving that square appearance. Good eye with typical expression. Good reach of neck which is strong and slightly arched into good shoulder placement. Good level topline and nice gentle slope over croup to good tailset. Coat lovely dark colour with good harsh texture. Well muscled rear with good bend of stifle. Good tuck up. Moved with drive and enthusiasm holding topline. Delighted to award him BD and BOB"

Best of Breed

Judge Gill Pearson Bath May 2006

"Good head and body matched his nice harsh coat. Noble expression masks a "big softie" temperament, he claims the ring when striding round"

Best Rare Breed

Judge Laurence Fitt Savage Southend on Sea CS May 2006

"What Can I say about this dog that I have not already said. Now coming into his own again. From the tip of his nose to the end of his tail he oozes style, quality and is a typical HWV male. He is not overdone in any way and his owner should be proud of how he has developed. He is now sporting his full wire jacket which was all that was needed to complete the picture. Well deserved BD and BOB"

Judge Terry Pearson The National May 2006

"Super male of excellent type, quality head and expression, strong neck onto good shoulders, good rib, topline and excellent quarters, excellent coat, moved and handled well, BOB".

Judge Lyndsey Townsend WELKS April 2006

"Flowing side gait and a gorgeous head & expressive eyes, just a litle roached in back otherwise close up for quality which he has in abdundance, super coat"

Judge Zena Thorn Andrews Paignton Ch Show July 2005

"lovely type, masculine head with lovely expression, slightly broad skull, good length of muzzle, best of boned ,limbs, tight feet, close fitting elbows, long neck, good shoulders, excellent depth of ribs reaching well back, excellent topline, croup & tailset, well angulated hindquarters, coat of good texture, sound and clean moving"

Best Dog and Best Opp Sex

Judge Sharon Pinkerton Crufts 2005

"if a dog can move as freely as this one, covering the ground with such drive and ease its got to be put together correctly. Lovely head, correct eye. Strong muscular neck leading into well laid shoulders. Straight forelegs, upright pasterns. Broad chest but not overdone. Well muscled body with well sprung ribs. From the rear the movement was absolutely true. Best of Breed and of course later Gundog G3"

Judge Mason A Minns Herts and Essex Border March 2005

"really honest, excellent moving dog of correct size, balance, bone and substance, is the correct shape and holds himself well............a pleasing dog and please note the correct croup, tailset and tail carriage, these qualities are important" Reserve Best in Show

Judge Frank Kane HWVA Open Show April 2004

"Male 2 and a half year old HWV in tip top condition. Harsh close fitting coat with good wire on neck and body. Correctly proportioned throughout. Shoulders well laid. Elbows tight. Straight strong limbs. Hindquarters moderate angulation. Good spring of rib. Chest strong and deep. Oval tight feet. pleasing head, skull broad and slightly rounded. Good muzzle. Eyes oval and expressive. Moved freely with a strong rear driving action. His overall type, balance and condition presented the perfect picture."Best AV NSC Shortlisted to final 6 for BIS

Judge Marion Hodgson East of England LKA January 2005


Leiborschy Suwon, Lidi enjoying life in the New Forest with her best pal, Kes (HWV). Lidi shows great promise in the field and is proving to be a real "Show Girl", having taken numerous Best of Breeds at Open Shows with Three Group Placings. She regularly works on the Exbury Shoot where she is a valued member of the shoot. Lidi is truly dual purpose. Lidi is HWVA Top Bitch and Runner Up Top HWV 2007/08.

"Pretty bitch with dark eyes giving a lovely expression, lovely head, well boned limbs, good pasterns, oval feet, strong neck, clean shoulders, well angulated hindquarters, very good textured coat but would prefer a little more depth to it."

Judge Sharon Pinkerton HWVA Show April 2008


"Different type to 1. Nicely balanced and well proportioned throughout, moderate stop, moved well coming and going"

Judge Kathy Gorman Bournemouth August 2007

"Lovely type and her movement was a sight to behold, super head with balanced skull and superb expression, lean strong neck into well constructed shoulders , deep ribbed body, super bone and strong well made front, correct angualtion and super driving action whicj left me with no alternative but to give her first in this class"

Best NSC

Gundog Group 1

Judge Nicola Calvert Southampton June 2007

"This bitch stood out in the entry. What beautiful balance presenting a picture of sound well muscled, yet feminine, Wirehaired Vizsla. Excellent body proportions, firm throughout, well angulated forequarters, straight front, correct bone and feet, ribs well sprung, short strong loin, quarters have strength width of muscle, good second thigh, well let down hocks, straight when viewed from behind. This bitch moves with such reach and drive and big open side gait retaining her super shape. Her coat is harsh and close fitting. Perhaps would like a little more coat but nit picking here. Delighted to give her Best Bitch and Best of Breed"

Best of Breed

Judge Patsy Hollings Bath May 2007

"Super Bitch, lovely make and shape, moved well , could not be denied"

Gundog Group 2

Judge Sally Foster Romsey May 2007

"Correct head planes, soft expression, straight front, well angulated used to advantage on the move"

Best NSC Gundog

Judge Sally Foster Romsey May 2007

"Excellent moving bitch, covering the ground so well keeping a good firm topline using well muscled quarters, good legs and feet"

Judge Maureen Floyd Isle of Wight Gundog March 2007

"Such a feminine bitch & a lovely type, moved so well on correctly boned legs and feet, again, a touch more coat would finish the picture, but I thought she was lovely, loved her feminine head & expression, good neck and shoulders. Didnt recognise her from Crufts 04 & am pleased with her progress. Best Bitch"

Judge Pam Blay Bournemouth 2006

"Lovely well balanced bitch with good coat and colour. Good front. Chest well let down. Nice reach of neck, shoulders well placed. Topline level.Well muscled rear quarters. Nice tuck up. Moved well.

Res Best Bitch

Judge Gill Pearson Bath May 2006

" A delightful young lady enjoying the sandy surface ! Looked super on the move, has strong topline, slightly sloping croup, carrying her tail level with her back. She moves out well. Soft feminine expression and good clean neck, coat of good texture"

Best of Breed

Judge Karen Marsh Isle of Wight Gundog March 2006

"liked this W/H Vizsla for her overall quality and elegance, so feminine and presents a well balanced outline in stance, appealing head, suitably furnished, nicely arched neck, good body and russet coloured coat, well muscled quarters, moved soundly with good drive"

Judge Don Miller Southampton CA January 2005.

"very feminine bitch, good head 7 eye, beautiful expression, compact with good angulation, good colour"

Best of Breed

Judge Valerie Downing South of England Gundog Club Nov 2005

" Nicely balanced from head to toe. Good angulation and firm topline. Right amount of bone, parallel limbs, excellent movement and showed well" Gundog Group 3

Judge Fern Sargeant Poole Canine 2005

"Another nice one, quite stunning, longer in back but all quality"

Judge Pauline Packham Bath Ch Show June 2005

" Nice outline. steady mover. Good head and coat"

Judge A.Carrington Portsmouth and S.Sea KA Feb 2005

"Quality bitch, good head, lovely expression, well boned limbs, oval feet, long neck, well ribbed body, well angulated behind, little steep in croup. Good coat texture, moved well"

Judge Sharon Pinkerton Crufts 2005

1st Post Graduate Bitch

" very smart young bitch, good proportions throughout, head and eye, depth of chest, looked super standing and moved well "

1st Post Graduate Bitch

Judge Donna Holman (Silvanus) Bournemouth Ch Show 2004

Leiborschy Daegu , Ted. A certain home in Lytham St Annes has never been the same since his arrival! Living up to the high expectations of his family, and enjoying life with four children . Ted is pictured here just before his eighth birthday.

Our special girl Reba, Leiborschy Saitama, settling down to life in Cambridgeshire with two very excited children and an even more excited adult! Reba shows great promise in the field and attends Norfolk and Suffolk HPR Club. Reba has started a new adventure with her family ( March 2010) in New Zealand and is loving her outdoors life.

Pictured is Leiborschy Seoul, Ruby. She is living in rural Warwickshire with a doting Gran and Grandad, Mum and Dad and two boys.


Leiborschy Gwangui See her on Meet The Wires