Puppy Watching

The Loanstars

born 16th August 2010

Starshot Harvest Moon X Leiborschy Yeva of Elyscea


Leiborschy Ruari. After a very long, patient Ruari begins life in Peterborough with Rufus the HWV, equine company, cats and Jane and Spence experienced Wire owners. Always the most balanced of puppies in every way I hope Ruari will extend his owners knowledge and experience as they try their hand at new activities. I hope to see a lot of this gent and will watch with great interest as he matures. Ruari is hip scored and HUU tested.

"1 Spencer's Leiborschy Ruari. Like this boy a lot and he is maturing nicely. Lovely head and eye. Good neck into well laid shoulders. Good spring of rib and correct topline. Coat good and harsh. Nice feet and good hind quarters. Moved well."

Hitchin and DCS October 2013 Judge Bev Smith

"Spencer's Leiborschy Ruari, workmanlike dog, well muscled, good coat and moves with style."

HWVA Championship Show Aril 2013 Judge D Smillie

"Spencer's Leiborschy Ruari, very well balanced with a pleasing head and eye, very good front, bone and feet, sound free mover."

Crufts 2013 Judge P Williams

"Spencer's Leiborschy Ruari, just not as typical in head as JD winner. Decent bone, good legs and feet, good length of rib, coat is of decent quality and correct wire texture, goes with confidence, RBD."

Boston Championship Show Judge S Hollings January 2013

"Spencer's Leiborschy Ruari, smart dog with pleasing head and reach of neck, good front and angulation, hocks well let down, moved out well on a balanced stride."

Mid Herts Gundog December 2012 Judge Carol Brooks

"Nice class with not much to choose between all three. 1st Spencer's Leiborschy Ruari, lovely outline and of good type more mature than the other two in the class. Head not perhaps of my choice being longer in muzzle but well furnished. Clean neck into good shoulders and angulation to front, ribbed well back with strong rear and moving with ease, coat of russet with wire texture."

Midland Counties Championship Show October 2012 Judge R Thompson

"Spencer's Leiborschy Ruari, preferred the overall balance and size of 1 and moved better. Pleasing, masculine head which I also preferred to 2, nice expression, well muscled to rear with good angulation, strode out when moving."

National Gundog August 2012 Judge R McMaster

"Spencer's Leiborschy Ruari, W/H Vizsla, well made throughout, masculine head with intelligent expression, large open nose, nice length of neck, good bone. Not the furnishings of 1. Moved well."

East of England Championship Show Judge K Gorman July 2012

"Spencer's Leiborschy Ruari, well presented in good condition, pleasing profile, attractive head with an intelligent expression, good reach of neck and topline. Moved soundly but lacked the enthusiasm of 1."

Leeds Championship Show July 2012 Judge K Young

"Spencer's Leiborschy Ruari, like this young dog a lot, full of character,pleasing head, correct eye, strong neck into well laid shoulders, gooddepth of chest, nicely ribbed up, neat feet, good harsh jacket,straighthocks, in good condition, moved well. BOB "

Dukeries Gundog Club July 2012 Judge B Smith

"Spencer’s Leiborschy Ruari, litter brother to 1 same remarks as 1 too. Smart young dog a credit to their breeder. Sure they will change places on another day."

HWVA Championship Show April 2012 Judge M Armstrong

"Spencer’s Leiborschy Ruari, built on finer lines than 1. Pleasing head, good neck & correct lay of shoulder. Not in as good coat as 1. On the move he was sound striding out well"

Manchester Championship Show January 2012 Judge M Howes

"Spencer’s Leiborschy Ruari, top size dog, nice type head, good depth and length of body, good bend of stifle. Would prefer a wirier coat. Moved well with drive RBOB"

Dukeries Gundog January 2012 Judge A Moss

"1st Junior Spencer's Leiborschy Ruari, upstanding masculine dog with pleasing profile, attractive head shape, kindly eye and soft expression, good front with strong neck into good top line, strong quarters, moved soundly."

Coventry Gundog December 2011 Judge K Young

"Spencer's L Rauri, nice type head spoilt by his expression. Head carried well on good neck of length, nice firm topline to tail a little too low set, lacking a little depth of chest & in body but well ribbed, in lovely coat of good texture & length. Not the return of stifle. Straight forelegs & good feet. Moved out well but not the ground coverage of 1."

LKA December 2011 Judge J Miller

Spencer’s Leiborschy Ruari, just under 12 months, pleasant head, very good reach of neck, overall well constructed, maturing nice and slowly, moved well keeping good topline, superbly handled.

National Gundog August 2011 Judge D Holman

Spencer’s L Ruari, well handled and settled, upstanding 11 months male, correct bite, pleasing clean outline particularly with good neck & shoulders & straight front.

Best Puppy in Breed

Peterborough July 2011 Judge Sue Pounds-Longhurst

"Spencer’s Leiborschy Ruari, like the type of this quality puppy, typical head & facial feathering, kind expression, good front & feet, strong rearquarters, straight hocks, excellent coat & texture, moved sound"

Best Puppy Dog

Leeds Championship Show July 2011 Judge E Gates

"Spencer’s Leiborschy Ruari, W/h Vizsla, well built youngster, good straight front, good bite, good clean neck, level topline, not over angulated on rear, good covering movement."

Best Puppy in Breed

East of England Championship Show July 2011 Judge G Talbot

"Spencer's Leiborschy Ruari, 9 month puppy dog, good overall shape, harsh coat, good bone, level topline, moved out soundly."

Best Puppy in Breed Res Best Of Breed

Mid Herts Gundog May 2011 Judge Helen Macaulay

"Leiborshy Ruari, litter brother, lighter built but not as forward but I loved his type & balance. Not the rib or chest of I yet but on the move made a lovely picture. Should finish well & reverse the placings. Just a matter of judging on the day"

HWVA Championship Show April 2011 Judge F Kane



  Leiborschy Syrus. Syrus leaves me to start life in the South West with his uncle Ylai, Finn, Jack, Lily and Mum and Dad. This handsome chap was destined for the ring from a very early age ( IF he ever grows into his ears) and if he is about you'll hear him! Syrus kicked off his Championship Show career at the inaugural HWVA Champ Show by being awarded Best Puppy Dog and qualifying for Crufts 2012. At the age of 8 months Syrus was awarded Reserve Best Dog and Best Puppy in Breed at WELKS followed a week later by the Reserve Best Dog Challenge Certificate and Best Puppy in Breed at The National. and three weeks later Best Dog and Best Puppy in Breed at Bath Ch Show. Syrus now has a KC Stud Book entry and is Crufts qualified for life. Syrus is hip scored and HUU tested.


"Stockwell’s Leiborschy Syrus, very good head and eye, very well constructed and balanced throughout, strong topline and good tailset, sound free mover with very good carriage"

Crufts 2013 Judge P Williams

"Stockwell’s Leiborschy Syrus, medium size dog , excellent make and shape, good front, body and quarters, moved well, nice head shown in good coat and condition"

HWVA Championship Show April 2012 Judge M Armstrong

"Stockwell's Leiborschy Syrus. Good balanced outline, little longer in loin than first, he seemed to have a serious outlook on life, strong neck, very well made fore and rear quarters, excellent deep chest, good spring, not so well ribbed back as first, topline and tailset correct, well turned stifle, good legs, feet on first a little tighter. He was a very good mover"

WELKS April 2012 Judge C Coode

"Stockwell’s Leiborschy Syrus very well made dog well up to size but not overdone. Masculine head, correct stop, good reach of neck set in well laid shoulders, strong topline with powerful hindquarters shown in good condition and coat. Moved out soundly. BOB"

Hampshire Gundog March 2012 Judge D Coode

"Stockwell's Leiborschy Syrus. Super young dog, lovely head and expression, excellent front neck and shoulders, top line kept on the move. Well set tail, good bone and feet and super harsh coat. Moved very well. BOB and G4"

Best of Breed Gundog Group 4

Okehampton and DCS March 2012 Judge J Marshall

"Stockwell's Leiborschy Syrus, handsome robust dog, excellent coat texture and overall stance, good head planes , nicely arched neck, level top line, correct angulation, super on the move, could work all day"

Best of Breed

Torquay March 2012 Judge S. Sevastpoulo

"Stockwell’s Leiborschy Syrus, at 17 months this boy is maturing well. Pleasing head, good neck into well laid shoulder, the best of fronts with plenty of forechest, correct bone & feet, sloping pastern, well bodied with overall balance, moderate turn of stifle, in good coat & condition. Movement was steady & true"

Manchester Championship Show January 2012 Judge M Howes

"Stockwell’s Leiborschy Syrus, although alone this boy was a worthy winner, I liked for type and conformation, good head shape, strong muscular neck, deep chested and straight front, deep in chest and strong over loin, moved soundly and well, really appealed. BOB"

Yeovil January 2012 Judge A Morgan

"Stockwell's L Syrus, very stylish with masculine lean head of correct proportions, nice eye colour & expression, well coated beard & brows, strong long neck well set into shoulder & firm level topline to tail well set & carried, strong body of depth with excellent coat texture & length, good front & rear angles, nice straight well boned legs well let down hocks tight feet, very free moving & sound with great stride"

LKA December 2011 Judge J Miller

"Stockwell’s Leiborschy Syrus, well built and up to size with strong wire head, prominent breast bone and deep chest, good moderate angulation, showed his quality on the move, steady and with purpose. BOB"

Plymouth and DCS November 2011 Judge K Challis

"Stockwell’s Leiborschy Syrus, young dog, moved well when settled, good coat texture, liked his size & substance, good strong body. His sister who was 2 is also a nice girl. Expect they change places many times. BOB"

Bridgwater November 2011 Judge B Dummett

"Stockwell’s Leiborschy Syrus, young male, good size, moved out well, pleasing head neck and shoulders, correct coat and texture. BOB"

South Western Gundog October 2011 Judge M Boswell

"Stockwell's Leiborschy Syrus. Super typy youngster, well balanced, good bone and rear angulation, but not overdone. Good outer and undercoat, moved with drive and pushed hard for BOB. Another one with a good future ahead which I shall watch with interest."

Newton Abbot August 2011 Judge A Taylor

"Stockwell’s Leiborschy Syrus, good headed balanced young dog. Deep chest, correct ribs, moderate stifles & well developed thighs, good coat, free sound mover"

Welsh Kennel Club August 2011 Judge V Foss

" Stockwell's Leiborschy Syrus, 10 months male of good proportions and nicely balanced, very good bone and muscle for age, moved out with drive and purpose, super puppy and one to watch."

Best Puppy in Breed

Exeter June 2011 Judge Sue Lloyd-Denman

"Three litter brothers with little to choose between them"

"Stockwell’s Leiborschy Syrus, mature puppy of lovely type & substance, masculine head, good bone, deep balanced body with plenty of angulation moved well"

Three Counties June 2011 Judge J Thirwell

Stockwell's Leiborschy Syrus. Really lovely puppy, I admired his head and expression, well placed ears, excellent front & forechest, good straight legs, tight feet, good angulation. Keeps his topline on the move & a really good profile stride"

Best Dog and Best Puppy in Breed

Bath Championship Show Judge Zena Thorn Andrews

"Stockwell's Leiborschy Syrus good size, good colour, lovely wire coat, good topline held firmly on the move, good forechest and depth of brisket, good return of upper arm & good tight elbows, very typical head & melting expression"

Reserve CC and Best Puppy in Breed

The National May 2011 Judge Jean Fairlie

"Stockwell’s Leiborschy Syrus, shorter coated mature dog who is well bodied with a lovely temperament, moved well on strong legs and feet, good neck and shoulders, nice topline and tailset, masculine head and expression with a good eye and well set ears, strong, well muscled hindquarters, quality boy with lots of potential "

Best Puppy in Breed and Reserve Best Dog

WELKS April 2011 Judge Pam Blay"

"Leiborschy Syrus, 8˝ months, full sized but very well built and had a pull in ribs and body, good head proportions, very good coat. Eyes need to darken but still time for that. "

Best Puppy Dog

HWVA Championship Show April 2011 Judge F Kane

"Stockwell’s Leiborschy Syrus: W/h vizsla, very much the baby of the group, but still showing great promise, superb head with such kind eyes. Although still immature, his quality shone through & good movement showed off his balanced outline"

Puppy Group 2

Swindon and DCS March 2011 Judge Stella Oliver


 Leiborschy Doric. George starts life in Preston with Lucy, Iain and Karen with Monty the Wire as a house mate. A super, good looking puppy with a fizzy personality we are sure he will compliment Monty perfectly and be a whizz to train.


Leiborschy Hajna of Elyscea. Hajna starts life in Tring with her Mum Yeva and Lily the GR. She captured the heart of her owner from a very young age with her striking good looks and will join some of her siblings in the show ring , we will watch her progress with great interest. Hajna is hip scored and HUU tested.

Stott’s Leiborschy Hajna of Elyscea, good head & eye, well constructed, good front. Not as good in feet as 1 & 2. Good outline, sound mover holding her topline well, good coat "

Crufts 2013 Judge P Williams

"Stott’s Leiborschy Hajna of Elyscea, feminine head, strong quarters and body, bone and feet. In nice coat, moved OK, close to 1"

HWVA Championship Show April 2012 Judge M Armstrong

" Leiborschy Hajna of Elyscea, like her brother, good coat texture, good head type, strong body."

Bridgwater and DCS November 2011 Judge B Dummett

"Stott's Leiborschy Hajna of Elyscea. A Hungarian Wire-Haired Vizsla. Another promising puppy with correct breed type. Nice head and expression. Needs to settle in top line and improve in the rear. Nice front, good coat"

Southern Counties Championship Show June 2011 Judge Kari Jarvinen



Leiborschy Vegul. Jorge begins life very close to us with Blossom the Shar Pei, Paula and family. The long waited for puppy is now a reality and what a reality he is. Jorge will enjoy training and ringcraft with his sister, our Griet and we hope Paula will enjoy her new hobby of dog showing. Jorge qualified for Crufts 2012 at his first Championship Show, is qualified for Crufts 2013 and has achieved Puppy Group placings at Open show level. Jorge is hip scored and HUU tested. In October 2013 Jorge was joined by his nephew, Leiborschy Kolyok ( Bertie).

"good sized puppy dog , a well textured coat of correct colour, very well off for bone and substance , yet not yet presenting the most balanced of pictures - time will tell"

Best Puppy in Breed

Puppy Group 2 ( J Bayne)

Crowle June 2011 Judge G Bayne

"Harmer’s L Vegul, W/h Vizsla, 9 months dog, good head, neck, front. Excellent topline, moved freely, should mature into a good specimen of this lovely breed. "

Best Puppy in Breed , PG2

Pinxton May 2011 Judge E Grewcock

"Three litter brothers with little to choose between them"

Harmer's L Vegul, very similar to 1. Not quite as tight in elbow but not loose. Good depth, forechest and good topline. With maturity should develop more across second thigh"

The National May 2011 Judge Jean Fairlie

" Harmer's Leiborschy Vegul HWH Vizsla 8 month dog. A well balanced youngster with a harsh coat. Well laid shoulder, level backline with croup falling nicely into the tail set. Good strong driving movement"

Best NSC Puppy and Puppy Group 1

Judge Ann Hardy Mansfield April 2011


Leiborschy Griet. Griet stays here with us....a very exciting prospect! Meet Griet on Meet The Wires page. Griet is hip scored and HUU tested.


Leiborschy Elka. This gorgeous feminine puppy Elka starts life in Essex with experienced Weimaraner owners. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl ....everything was just meant to be for this puppy.


Leiborschy Patrik. Paddy starts life in Lancashire with Martin, Kathryn and James. Always the big, bumbling, boy puppy we hope Paddy will bring back the joy of dog ownership to his family and we welcome them into Wire World. Martin has never been so popular!


Leiborschy Suly. Bob lives very close to his mum and litter sister, Yeva and Hajna in Bucks. Bob will perfectly complete his family and is already reminds them what a joy canine companionship brings.. With two children in his family Bob will never be short of playmates. Bob pictured here on a recent visit to see his Mum and sister Hajna.


Leiborschy Chile. After a huge amount of research and planning Chile lands in Sheffield and hits the ground running. He cannot fail to have a perfect life with such a committed family around him. What a super introduction into dog ownership he will be with his balanced and mature personality. We hope to see Chile regularly as we meet up for walks.


Leiborschy Neo. Neo marks a new beginning for Keeley and Gary as he starts life in Sheffield. Experienced dog owners, Gary and Keeley have a super young man as their introduction to Wires ( they already want another!!). We hope to see lots of this chap as we meet up for walks.