The Maybees

Sh Ch Riannor Oszkar x Leiborschy Jante A Legacy.

30th April 2019

Due in May and having a Bee theme, this litter was named after varieties of honey. Little did I know just how sweet they'd turn out to be. The first Leiborschy ltiter to begin training at 5 weeks, I was astounded how successful not early neurological stimulation is but how they took to their early training.

 Leiborschy Tupelo. Gus starts life in Leicestershire with experienced Wire owners. One half of The Hairy Bikers Gus has a huge amount of character, a fantastic sense of humour and the capacity to get away with anything using his charm. .His family had fallen in love with him well before choosing so  it's a perfect match.


Leiborschy Aster. Oscar begins life in Cheshire and opens a new chapter for his family. First time Wire owners Oscar is perfect for showing off the endearing traits of the breed, which of course are too many to list. Gentle, kind and clam Oscar took to his early training superbly

Leiborschy Amorpha of Fryerfold. Lente joins her older brother Leif  and Grandad Lincoln in Derbyshire and will hopefully be the foundation of Fryerfold. A pretty puppy with everything you'd want as a foundation, Lente will join her older brothers, Murdo, Leif and Jussi as well as her older sisters Poppy and Grania in the show ring.


Leiborschy Akunam. Manuka starts life in West Yorkshire and has already got her family hooked on Wires. Such pretty, willing to please puppy, she is a bundle of happiness who works her way into your heart in minutes. Manuka has a great zest for life and will be enormously satisfying to train.

Leiborschy Harraj. Dio ( Hungarian for walnut) starts life in Surrey with a very excited family. A whole sequence of events lead to Dio choosing his owners and his family couldn't be more pleased. A super puppy, who will turn heads, I hope Dio will try his paw in the show ring at the end of the year.