Puppy Watching

28 December 2005

Moricroft Methuen X Leiborschy Gwangiu



  Leiborschy Elek. A long, patient wait has resulted in Elek starting life in Bristol and we are confident that Elek will prove to be exactly what his new owners waited for and hope that the two cats are tolerant. Elek has completed his initial puppy training and is now concentrating on show ring training. Elek attended his first Working Training Day in May 06 and made his debut into the ring at South Wales Kennel Assoc where he won Junior Dog. . Elek is hip scored.

"At the top end of the scale who just needs time to mature into his frame now. Pleasing head and eye, gentle expression, correct amount of furnishings, clean neck into well assembled front with good width of chest and well boned limbs, topline was correct and held on the move, strong rear with well turned stifles, correct coat, moves with long ground covering strides that gave him the class."

Judge Rachel Thompson Three Counties June 2007

"Showing well good head correct shoulder and movement good coat."

Judge Sheila Gray HWVA Opens Show 2007

"Big upstanding male, super head, strong neck, well constructed front, firm topline, moved with strength, really covering the ground"

Judge Diane Dale Taunton DCS January 2007

"Nice size and shape to this 10 months old male. Lovely outline both on the stance and the move. Nice masculine head yet to break and develop fully, nice face furnishings, good eye colour. Strong arched well developed neck into good shoulders and top line over and well ribbed and developed body covered in harsh texture to coat. Correct angles both ends, enough bone to legs with good harsh leg furnishing, would like tighter feet. Moved well and sound."

Judge Jenny Miller Gundog of Wales October 2006

"8 months old d, hope he doesn’t grow on any more. Beautiful coat & colour, excellent head shape & ear set. Good mouth, moved v well, well angulated fore & aft"

Judge Pat Baker HWVA Open Show Sept 2006

"larger than 2 but I found him very well balanced & slightly more coat of a harsher texture than 2.Very nice balanced head, good facial furnishings & pleasing expression, good straight forelegs, good feet, correctly developing body proportions, moved and showed well to win the class"

Best Puppy in Breed

Judge Chris Bexon Welsh Kennel Club August 2006

"only 6 months old and what a sweetie. Good bone, moves well, good angulation, coat coming through well"

1st Junior Dog

Judge Doreen Smillie SWKA July 2006

  Leiborschy Yalka. What a wonderful outdoor life Yalka will have in Co Durham on an Alpaca farm. Along with Alpacas she will have the company of horses, Popeye the Llama, birds and two cats.


Leiborschy Yepa . A special puppy for a very special little girl. Yepa will rule the roost in Chesham , make Harriet a wonderful companion and bring back much longed for dog ownership for Mum and Dad. Yepa attended her first Working Training Day in May 06 and was awarded "The Most Promising Puppy Award" Yepa is lightly shown and her wins include Best Puppy in Breed at Ch show level. Trying her paw at her first Gundog Working Test (Bracco Italiano Society Test 10/6/07) Yepa was awarded a Win in The Puppy Test

Winners of the KC/Crufts Friends For Life Final 2008


 Leiborschy Yaani. Honey starts life in Southampton with first time "parents". Two more caring , conscientious and committed owners Honey could not have found as they begin the journey that bonds dog and owner.


 Leiborschy Emira. Frankie begins life in Kent with two very experienced owners. Her companions are Mabel, the Border Terrier and Geoffrey the Hungarian Vizsla. Frankie will be a shooting companion for her Dad and a showgirl for her Mum. Frankie has attended her first Working Training Day , showed great promise and had a wonderful time playing with her brothers and sister. Frankie qualified for Crufts 2008.Frankie is hip scored.


Leiborschy Wilfek Meet Mallard on Meet the Wires


 Leiborschy Mila. Mila has the company of two Hungarian Vizslak as she starts her life in Horsham. Her two owners, already knowledgeable in the smooth dept, now have the joy of a wire. Mila made her debut into the ring in July 2006 and has had consistent success since. Mila is hip scored and had her first litter in January 2011.Mila is pictured here 10 weeks after having her litter.

"Fisher's Leiborschy Mila, W/h Vizsla, really good bitch in fit hard condition, outline depicts breed, goes with such impulsion and positive coming and going"

Reserve Best Bitch

Judge Patsy Hollings Southern Counties June 2010

"Fisher's Leiborschy Mila, liked her head and expression, good overall balanced outline, strong well developed rearend, nice tailset, steady on the move"

Best of Breed

Judge E Bothwell May 2010

"Typical, sound proportions and balance. Preferred bone of 1."

Judge Di Arrowsmith WELKS April 2010

"very pretty bitch, feminine head and kind expression, straight front, correct bone and slightly sloping pastern, good front angulation, well laid shoulders, hind quarters were strong with good rear angulation, correct muscle tone and good second thigh, moderate turn of stifle and correct length from hock to heel, movement was good, when viewed from the side she had good extension and drive and kept her topline, when viewed from the front and rear she was true and neither wide nor narrow"

Best of Breed

Judge Mick Howes City of Birmingham September 2009

"well balanced bitch of corect size, good proportions and angulation giving smooth well balanced movement, good harsh coat and whiskers making a pleasing frame to a refined head, easy winner.

Best Bitch

Judge Kay Eldred Richmond September 2009


"Quality bitch, not in best coat but fantastic in outline, beautiful head and lovely expression, good front and spring of rib, well musceled hindquarters, her outstanding movement gave her the edge for BB."

Best Bitch

Judge Karna Le Mare Southern Counties June 2009

"pleasing in head, good quarters, well made through the ribs, strong topline & good bone & feet, moving out soundly"

Judge Carole Coode Crufts 2009

"totally outmoved her competitors and presented a good outline when stacked and on the move and in the challenge presented a totally different picture and was determined it was not to be her day & subsequently paid the price"

Judge J Daltrey Horley August 2008

"pretty, showy bitch with a good coat put down in excellent condition, liked her feminine head & expression, moved well on well boned legs & feet, balanced bitch with a good, well muscled hindquarters & a well set tail, lovely depth & width of chest. "

Reserve Best Bitch

Judge Pam Blay SWKA July 2008

" beautiful breed type, excellent stride, good head proportions, good coat, accurate mover. Could be a little stronger in the feet. Won this class well, just lacked enthusiasm in the challenge & this lost her top spot. RBB"

Judge Frank Kane Windsor July 2008

"pretty, showy bitch with a good coat put down in excellent condition, liked her feminine head & expression, moved well on well boned legs & feet, balanced bitch with a good, well muscled hindquarters & a well set tail, lovely depth & width of chest. "

Judge Pam Blay SWKA July 2008

" Good coat throughout, pleasing head and nice eye shape. Feminine overall, good shoulder and upper arm angulation, well let down hocks. Moved well"

Judge Kathy Gorman Bournemouth August 2007

"Quality bitch, firm, well developed, presents a well balanced outline, excellent topline, tailset and tail carriage, really good coat, moved with drive." RBB

Judge Stephen Hollings South Wales KA 2007


"Pleasing head, neck and shoulders , excellent hindquarters, super coat and condition, moved well"

2nd PG

Judge Moray Armstrong East of England July 2007

"well coated bitch in good condition. Correct skull shape and biddable eye and expression. Developing on bone and musclature. Moved smoothly without effort. Feet need to tighten a touch"

Best AV NSC Puppy

Judge Bill Bunce Coulsden Canine October 2006

"Top class W/H Vizsla bitch, well grown, very good head & eye. Nicely constructed, strong topline. good tailset, strong well angulated hindquarters, sound mover with very good reach and drive, excellent coat and body condition. In line up for BPIS"

Best Puppy NSC

Judge Penny Williams Windsor GD October 2006

"Such a nice youngster with a good coat. Preferred 2's expression but she has lots of potential, she is only 7 months but she moved so steadily on well boned legs & feet, good depth of chest coming, showed well to win the class and take Best Puppy"

Best Puppy in Breed

Pam Blay Bournemouth Ch Show August 2006

"Pleasing expression, feet need to tighten, excellent coat, correct and harsh. Moved OK"

Stephen Hollings Paignton Ch Show July 2006

" 7 months, lovely colouring to coat, nice head, good ear placement, straight front, good depth of chest, level topline and good angulation to hindquarters, moved well for a youngster"

Best Puppy in Breed

Judge Sheila Linter Kingston CS July 2006