Leiborschy Gwangiu, Pattie

19/6/02 - 30/9/14

Gavic Gold Bullion of Leiborschy X Lanspar Tarkony of Leiborschy

Pattie, aka Scattie has taken many of her parents (Nona and Henry) characteristics and showed promise in the field and was lightly shown. She is biddable, calm, hunts and points well and is a natural retriever. She has a wonderful attitude to life, a delightful temperament, is very entertaining and is a total sweetie ! Pattie is hip scored

Pattie produced her first litter of 8 puppies on November 2004 sired by Arany Mezo Burny of Elmsal (imp). Four of the eight puppies qualified for Crufts 2006. Pattie delighted us with seven beautiful, pea in a pod puppies, sired by Moricroft Methuen on 28 Dec 2005, three of which qualified for Crufts 2007. Leiborschy Wilfek, from that litter, lives with us and his relatives. On 16th November Pattie gave us 8 super puppies sired by Leiborschy Steffan. Patts is now our matriarch: a venerable,  fabulous, gentle, sharp as a pin, senior Wire.

Pattie is delighted that her daughter Yepa is the Kennel Club Friends For Life award winner Crufts 2008


her son Mallard (Yepa's) litter brother) was Best Dog Crufts 2008

The circle is now complete.....Pattie was from the first ever Leiborschy litter and the first ever "pick", she closes the circle as she leaves us. There is something very special about breeding a wonderful dog, having her life a long, healthy life and seeing her leave this world weary but ready.

We will always remember Patts for being a constant in our lives, always that wonderful statesmanlike personality, a wiggly bottom on greeting people and for being the Leiborschy foundation.


Pattie on her 12th birthday