The Ravoni's

8th January 2020

Csovarberki Ravasz Amid Leiborschy x Leiborschy Lenya.

This fantastic litter of ten were named from a combination of their parents names; Ravasz and Choni. Vaguely sounding Italian each puppy is named after an artisan pasta. The combination of Ravasz and Choni just worked and I'm going to thoroughly enjoy watching each of these beauties grow and flourish.



Leiborschy Bavetta, Bella starts life in Lancashire with brand new Wire converts Hilary and Alan. It's been a long time since there was a dog in the house hold but after walking Leiborschy Indyanah (born 2011) for a time it was a given that a Wire would be the choice for them. Dark red like her Mum Bella was a favourite of many who watched the litter grow from birth. Very confident, always the first to investigate new items and ridiculously pretty Bella will grow into a wonderful example of the breed in every way.


Leiborschy Gemelli. Pebbles starts life near Newmarket with two Terriers as companions. Her owners Masa and Chris are experienced Terrier owners but the HWV won them over and Pebbles charmed over her canine companions too. A young lady with an awful let to say for herself Pebbles brims with confidence and opinions. She will have a fantastic outdoor life and will often been seen around Newmarket race course. Not like her Mum in looks but so much like her Mum in personality Pebbles brings another dimension to her owner's lives.

  Leiborschy Barbina. Ness starts live in the Hope Valley after a long, patient wait and she's landed on her paws with such caring, committed owners. Very feminine, Ness is a thinker who engages brain before acting and I've been lucky enough to do some training with Ness,such potential! She spends her days exploring wonderful countryside and is giving her owners Dominic and Sara an introduction to the fabulous world of Wires. Ness embodies everything I love about my breed.

 Leiborschy Fazzoletti. Fazzi starts life in Kent with Sally and Tony but almost stayed at Leib HQ! Another feminine young lady who exemplifies the breed Fazzi's owner is used to HPR's and is now falling under the spell of of Fazzi. It would be difficult to find a puppy and owner more suited to each other and I'm enjoying watching their relationship grow and deepen. There's nothing more satisfying than watching owners "tune into" their puppies and really get to know each individual nuance, Sally and Fazzi are no exception.

Leiborschy Malfalda. Mungo starts a fabulous outdoor life in Scotland with experienced Wire owners Moira and Pete So many people watching the litter grow were dazzled by this good looking chap and it was fate that he chose the home he did. Elegant, confident, far too handsome for his own good and a joy to love with there's not much more you could ask for in a puppy. Mungo typifies everything I strive for when breeding.


Leiborschy Capello. Magnus starts life in North Yorkshire with Alex and Andrea first time dog owners. Magnus is perfect for showing them not only  the joys of dog ownership but the thrill of owning a Wire. How would I describe Magnus? Regal with rugged good looks: a real head turner. Very confident in the litter he is now showing how that confidence can be utilised in his training, he is a willing, fun pupil who is going to bring his owner many compliments and luckily he is close enough to me that I can visit this handsome chap.

Leiborschy Anelli. Billy starts life in Staffordshire with experienced Labrador owners Emma and Dave and I have no doubt that they are already hooked on Wires. What a super chap Billy is, he got under my skin with his gentle disposition, thinking attitude and all round niceness to his fellow littermates. Very like his Dad Ravasz, Billy has a beautiful head and eye and is a super introduction to the breed for his family. He has a senior Lab to show him the ropes and Billy is respectful and gentle with his mentor.

Leiborschy Finilli. Yoshi starts live in Berkshire with very experienced owners Graeme and Caroline. Yoshi was chosen, after huge consideration, to compliment their family and keep Jake, their existing Wire company. Yoshi is a straight down the middle sort of chap; confident but not overly so, sensitive but not to a degree, resilient but not bullish and I hope he will have a very long and happy life. A lovely combination of his Mum and Dad he brings his family optimism and plans.

Leiborschy Fideo. Otto starts life in Leeds with Karen and Dean experienced Wire owners. Otto is utterly handsome with a beautiful coat, he makes an impression on everyone he meets. He typifies the breed in physical looks and character and I am lucky enough to be able to visit him when I want some eye candy. I shall watch this young man very closely as he matures, I found it hard to let him go!

Leiborschy Fiori. Ludo starts life in Lincolnshire with experienced Vizsla owners. Fate brought Ludo to his family, something I often find happens when you least expect it. What a super chap Ludo is; confident, chirpy and always looking on the bright side. Ludo will show his family that Wires may be related to Vizslas but they have characteristics separate to the Vizsla. Another puppy I found hard to let go but I'm confident that he is in the right home.