Leiborschy Rena

Kenmillix Kings of Athens at Traviallant X Leiborschy Yanah

10th October 2011


Rena is from The Eventuallies....... a litter that arrived at a very turbulent time in my life but a litter that was so waited for that it would have been heartbreaking not to keep from. She took my eye from a few weeks old and much as I tried to talk myself into not keeping her, my heart and everyone else was telling me the opposite.. A super combination of grandma Yendah and beautiful Mum, Yanah, Rena is unique in that she carries my sole hopes, dreams and aspirations. She is a very special puppy from a very special litter. Rena is hip scored and HUU tested. Rena her first very, very long awaited litter, The Sprockets in August 2016 to Ravasz. She was, as we expected, an outstanding Mum.

2 years 3 months


Rena at 15 months