Leiborschy Get Together 2014

Floods, wind and rain could not stop Leiborschy dogs and their owners gathering together on Februray 15th for our annual "do". Mallard, Six Grietings, a trio of Loanstars, an Eventually, two Questettes, the indomitable Yvie and her brother Oska plus two invited guest dogs Kipper and Floyd behaved impeccably throughout the day although it was clear some owners had become very competitive.

Mike Window ( Mapekim) "judged" our show giving advice, encouargement and tips,

Fastest Recall was won jointly by Yvie and Randall.

Dog Swap was won by Randall and Mark

Huge thanks to Mark for the photos, of which the group ones were quite a challenge!

Best in Show and Best Puppy in Show were Ruari and Choni.

Paddy just checking everyone had arrived

Skubi and Alex moving nicely

Peggy and Marie : their first go

Ruari, Paddy Kipper and Ekko ready for the off in the fastest recall

Lincoln and Mila ready for the judge

Yvie back to see her relatives

Alex and Skubi taking it all in

Jambo, getting the hang of it

and then falling asleep!

Leiborschy Joska, Yora, Lincoln, Lenya, Wilfek, Yvie, Fansipan, Ekko, Kolyok Dillon, Randall, Skubi and Ruari

(l to r)