Yash By Ravasz To Leiborschy


Csovarberki Ravasz Amid Leiborschy x Twirl Dobos

This young chap wasn't on the cards until I went to see the litter he was in. Hmm I thought, he's quite smart when I saw him at five weeks. Further visits at seven and nine weeks and a lot of thought led to Yash, Ravasz's son, coming to Leiborschy. Line bred to Csovarberki but also going back to Lanspar Monika of Gavic, my foundation dog's ( Gavic Gold Bullion of Leiborschy) dam he convinced me he is just what I needed. Yash is calm and relaxed and has been trained in Life Skills, making him a pleasure to take anywhere. He has a dark, tight, russet coat and a head shape and expression that was seen on the earlier Wires but less so now. Yash will enter the ring in April and I am looking forward to taking my two Life Skills trained dogs, Yash and  Poppy to shows.

Yash is Huu Clear by parentage and has a Zoldmali free pedigree.


                     Yash 6 months                                 7 months Reserve Best Puppy in Show at his first show.


Yash at 4 months                                                           and at five months      

Yash's results

Hungarian Wirehaired Club of GB 7th April 2019 Judge T. Branney

1st Minor Puppy Dog

Best Puppy Dog

Reserve Best Puppy in Show