Puppy Watching

3rd July 2007

Leiborschy Wilfek X Leiborschy Yendah Sh CM


 Leiborschy Yadon. Ozzy is a high energy, busy boy who starts life in East Sussex after a very long wait by his owners. He will work with Harris Hawks in and around the South Downs as well as attending shoots. Ozzy will be the constant companion of his new Dad at home and at work and will become an added attraction in his owners shop.

 Leiborschy Yusef. Yusef starts life in Kent with his cousin Kaleb. A patient, gentle, endearing puppy Yusef is an impressive, handsome chap who we hope will make appearances in the show ring. Within days of leaving us it was obvious he was the natural compliment to Kaleb.Yusef qualified for Crufts 2009 at his first Championship Show. Yusef has gained his Bronze and Silver KC Good Citizens Scheme Award.

"masculine dog, good make & shape, nice front, ribs & quarters, moved OK. Just needs more confidence."

Judge Moray Armstrong Driffied September 2008


"nice head & neck, good bone, legs & feet, good body & outline, went well but would not be handled."

Judge Jill Peak Richmond September 2008


"hope he pulls himself together. Super youngster to go over, lovely head shape, well presented quality coat and furnishings. Good front and depth, well let down quarters, strong legs and feet once settled, a sound mover"

Judge Jenny Miller East of England July 2008


"Litter brother, well grown dog, broad skull, good coloured eyes and expression, well boned legs and feet, deep in brisket, short coupled, moderate angulation behind, moved OK."

Judge Sharon Pinkerton HWVA Show April 2008


""good neck into lay of shoulder, straight front, short back, good bend of stifle & stands over his ground. Lacked a little facial hair but this will come"

Judge Sara Barnard WELKS April 2008

 Leiborschy Yakira. Kira starts life in Notts with a Jess and Lewis and Ty, her canine playmate. A pretty, feminine puppy with her Dads looks Kira will see plenty of her neighbour Leiborschy Aoifa as they play and holiday together.

  Leiborschy Yottoh. Yottoh starts life in Berkshire with Ethan, Morgan and Joseph and two very excited grown ups. He resembles his father is all ways with his fun but laid back attitude to life. Yottoh is simply perfect for his new family and they begin the wonderful journey of dog ownership.


 Leiborschy Yeva of Elyscea. Yeva begins life in Herts with Lily the Golden Retriever as her companion. A Stunning and elegant young lady she will turn many heads with her "look at me" attitude. We look forward welcoming her and her owner into the wonderful world of wires. Yeva is hip scored, HUU tested and had her first litter, 11 puppies, in August 2010.

 Leiborschy Yarin. Otto begins his new life in Norfolk after a very long and well planned wait. A wonderfully placid puppy with a superb attitude to life, Otto is a very handsome boy.


   Leiborschy Yona. Bramble begins a new life in Scotland with Tiffin the GWP. A wonderful outdoor country life awaits her with Julie and Mark. Bramble attained her KC Silver Good Citizens Award in June 2010 followed by her Gold in June 2011.


 Leiborschy Yaara. Yaara begins her new life in Stockton with Millie the Weimie and Amber the HV. A long and patient wait has resulted in her owners finally having a wire and we all look forward to seeing Yaara in the ring. A combination of her mothers looks and her Auntie Lajka's attitude will keep everyone on their toes. Yaara gained her Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze Award at 4 months old. and is often in the cards at Championship Shows.

"1st Fenny's Leiborschy Yaara.W/h Viszla in good condition,well balanced and true type,moving well with strong quarters."

Judge Joan Glennerster- Seaham May 2010

"Leiborschy Yaara Sweet bitch in wonderful coat and condition, moved with ease. BOB"
Judge Ian Jones North and South Shields April 2010

"Alone but a very worthy winner, very pretty feminine bitch, lovely head and expression, lovely dark eye, moderate length of neck, well laid shoulders, well proportioned body, good topline and tailset, good coat and furnishings, moved with drive BOB"

Judge Alex Webster North of England HPR October 2009

"nice quality bitch, little light in bone but her leg hair covers it. Good honest sort, in lovely body, showing well"

Judge Zena Thorn Andrews Three Counties June 2009

"similar in type to 1 but slightly finer in head, good coat, moved & showed well, good bone, neck, shoulders & feet, held her topline both set up & moving, good depth & width of chest, well muscled hindquarters"

Judge Pam Blay SKC May 2009

"Good harsh coat. Nice head and expression, good mouth,t opline,t ailset, bone and feet all good for age. Chest needs to deepen but ok for age. Movement and balance also appropriate for age."

Best NSC

Judge Christina Chapman Birtley April 2009

"Very nice head with good underjaw. Ok neck and shoulder, good ribbing and rear angles. Moved well."

Judge E MacDonald Blackpool June 2008

"Nicely bodied with good head and expression, excellent coat. Immature in movement"

Best Puppy NSC

Judge Storm Grayson Consett CS April 2008

"I liked this young bitch for overall shape and balanced outline, moved very well holding that long tail in plane with her topline,"

Best Puppy in Breed

Judge Russel Clarke North of England HPR March 2008


 LeiborschyYlai. Ylai starts life in Somerset with Jack and Lily , Mum and Dad and Finn for canine companionship. A super looking puppy with a lovely gentle nature we cant wait to see Ylai in the show ring and are sure that he will bring lots of fun to his family in their new hobby. Ylai gained his Bronze and Silver KC Good Citizen awards by the age of 9 months.he was awarded his Gold in March 2009 He was awarded Best Puppy in Show at the HWVA Show April 2008 and he qualified for Crufts 2009 at his first Championship Show. His Puppy awards include BPIB's and Puppy Group Placings and he was awarded his first Reserve Best dog at 13 months. Ylai is hip scored , HUU tested and was HWVA Top Puppy 2008.

"not a bad type at all, pleasing overall size and shape. Although he could do with a bit more hind angulation, not quite the same freedom as a result."

Judge Chris Bexon Crufts 2010

"Type dog with a lovely head and kind expression, strong neck into clean shoulders, adequate boned limbs, good depth of ribs, moderately angulated behind, thick wiry coat, moved well"

Judge Sharon Pinkerton LKA 2009



"Leiborschy Ylai, great example of the breed, good bone, sound mover, lovely head, neck & shoulders"

Best of Breed


Judge Tania Stapley Swindon March 2010

"strong dog in very good coat of correct texture,good front, deep chest and good ribs, strong back."

Judge Karina Le Mare Southern Counties June 2009

"this dog has a noble head with balanced skull & strong jaw, muscular neck which he tends to pull in sometimes. Straight front, well laid shoulder, strong body, deep chest, well developed thighs, legs well boned, good feet, moved positively keeping his elbows close, good wire coat"

Judge Peter Harper HWVA Show April 2009

"handsome chap, good front, well muscled, kind eyes, had show attitude, good wiry coat"

Judge Bev Dummettt Bristol Dog Club March 2009

"darker jacket of good texture, liked his head, good through the chest & forehand, pleasing topline & tailset, moving soundly on good legs & feet. Feet on 1 slightly tighter"

Judge Carole Coode Crufts 2009

"dog who appealed for type, masculine expression without coarseness, well furnished head, enough bone & correct feet, well placed shoulders & body, harsh feel to coat, well angulated & moved freely covering the ground well"

Judge Richard Stafford Maidenhead February 2009

"W/h Vizsla male, balanced head, correct bite, good body shape & depth, in very good muscletone, moved freely"

Best AV Rare Breed

Judge Bill Browne Cole Cheltenham and DCS February 2009

"pleasing overall body construction for one so young & very solid when I went over him . Good conformation to head, intelligent expression from the eyes, nicely muscled neck placed into well laid back shoulders, forequarters good, good oval feet, plenty of heart and lung room in his chest, ribcage good, hindquarters straight, good muscled to first and second thigh, showed how well he was put together when he moved"

Best of Breed

Judge Pamela Rowlands SW Gundog October 2008

"well proportioned head, moderate stop, eye, nose & coat colour in unison, clean neck, slightly arched, well bodied with deep chest & brisket, well let down, covered the ground with strong driving action"

Judge Des Hodkinson West Country Dog Club September 2008

"neat youngster, good legs & feet, super head & deep oval well placed eyes, true & sound on the move with correct tail carriage"

Judge Anne Webster Richmond September 2008

"pleasing head & expression, good legs & feet, good body proportions, still very immature"

Judge Jill Peak Richmond September 2008

"Nice head and eyes, good front and bone, good topline, good shoulders, moved well "

Judge Peter Upton Paignton August 2008

"lovely young dog, nice shape head & eyes, good front, bone & feet, good harsh coat, good neck & shoulders, good topline & moderate stifles, moved very well. RBD"

Reserve Best Dog

Judge Linda Upton Bournemouth August 2008

"again a promising youngster who needs time to fulfil his potential, nice body proportions & a good coat of correct texture, lighter in bone than 1 but still correct & moved & showed well for one so young, good depth & width of chest & a nice neck & shoulders"

Judge Pam Blay SWKA July 2008

"Very smart youngster. Well constructed, looked good on the move. Rather raw and needs to fill in the forechest, but pleasing head and eye. Coat of good colour and texture."

Judge Southern Counties July 2008

"Stockwell’s Leiborschy Ylai, pleasing head, intelligent expression, well balanced construction, good proportions, coat coming on, moved with drive. "

Best Puppy in Breed

Judge Rob Suchett Kaye Bath May 2008


"promising puppy, well proportioned head, moderate neck, good shoulders, deep balanced body, plenty of angulation, coat of good texture, moved soundly with drive".

Best Puppy in Breed

Judge John Thirwell The National May 2008

"BPIS was a son of my BIS winner in Stockwell’s LEIBORSCHY YLAI. Well grown youngster but correct size for his age, balanced heard, good eye colour, strong muzzle, strong lengthy neck, adequate boned limbs, good angulation behind, moved well and in good coat – very promising."

Best Puppy in Show

Judge Sharon Pinketon HWVA Show April 2008

"good head planes & eye, pleasing front assembly & body, good bone, rear looks good & jacket. Moved well, just needs to come together in front."

Best Puppy in Breed

Judge Laurie Hunt Bridgwater March 2008

"very balanced young W/h Vizsla, well proportioned head, arched neck, firm well ribbed body & strong rear with good width of thigh, moved freely"

Best NSC Puppy

Judge Barbara Cherry Bristol March 2008

" very sound W/h Vizsla, well put together, should have a bright future"

Puppy Group 3

Judge Barbara Cherry Bristol March 2008


 Leiborschy Yanah. Beautiful Yanah stayed here as my choice from her litter and eventually gave me a precious and longed for daughter, Leiborschy Rena. Yanah is proving that happiness can come from total sadness. Circumstances led Yanah to begin a new life in October 2012 in Milton Keynes with Mark and Alex, who themselves had experienced a tragedy. Yanah is now making Mark and Alex very happy and is treated like a Princess ( which of course she is ) and they all wait for a further Leib addition.