Leiborschy Yendah Sh CM

16/10/03- 14/12/13

Gavic Gold Bullion of Leiborschy X Lanspar Tarkony of Leiborschy

Yendah , well Princess Yendah to those who know her, made her debut in the show ring on 18 April 2004 at the age of 6 months and 2 days at the HWVA Open show and what a time she has given me since! She has a wonderful, laid back attitude to life and nothing is too much trouble for her. She is attentive, has a tail wag for all and is very confident in the show ring, well that's an understatement, she LOVES the show ring. She has taken many of her fathers qualities including his impeccable temperament and wonderful attitude to life.

Yendah was HWVA Top Puppy Bitch and Top Puppy 2004/05 , Top HWV Bitch and Runner Up Top HWV 2005/06 and Top HWV 2006/07. Yendah was 2006 Pedigree/Dog World Top Bitch and runner up Top HWV, being narrowly beaten by her older brother, Leiborschy Ulsan. In 2007 she was Top HWVA Bitch.

Yendah is the second in the breed to gain the Kennel Club Show Certificate of Merit (Nov 2007), the first being her full brother Leiborschy Ulsan.

She was Reserve Best Bitch Crufts 2005, Crufts Best of Breed 2006, Crufts Reserve Best Bitch 2008 and Crufts Best of Breed 2010.

Yendah took her first major Championship Show award in July 2004 aged 9 months, Best Bitch under John Thirwell, and her most recent , aged nine and a half years, ( Reserve Best Bitch Challenge Certificate and Reserve Best in Show ) in April 2013 at the HWVA Championship Show under breed specialist Doreen Smillie, although at this time she had not been in the ring for over a year. As with all our dogs, Yendah is hip scored.

Some are born great...........

Yendah was my great, reliable pal, a great ambassador,

great fun, a great show girl,

great to watch, she had great longevity and was a great, great Granny.

She was the axis around which Leiborschy revolved,

and we had not contemplated losing our great Princess.

Yendah in 2007 aged 4                                                                  Yendah Res Bitch CC & Res Best in Show HWVA Ch Show 2013 aged nine & half









Crufts Gundog Group 2006 aged two and half
















Crufts Gundog Group 2010 aged six and half


HWVA Championship Show April 2013 aged nine and half


Yendah's most notable successes are

Kennel Club Show Certificate of Merit Nov 2007

Championship Shows

at Open Shows


                  6 weeks                                                     11 weeks                                              10 months                                                              19 months



                                              2years 10 months                                                                                                         3 years 6 months



6 years 6 months

                                                Yendah's Show Results                                                            

What the judges say.....................................

"Leiborschy Yendah: 91/2 years but can still show the youngsters how to move, lovely head, good eye colour, good coat and well muscled, have admired this girl for many years and delighted that her owner entered her here."

Reserve Best Bitch Challenge Certificate

Reserve Best in Show

Best Veteran

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Assoc Championship Show April 2013 Judge D Smillie

"Parry’s Leiborschy Yendah ShCM. Shown in grand condition, she has all the attributes desired in a good wire hair, still exhibits her strong, sound, driving movement"

Crufts 2012 Veteran Bitch Judge Sheila Gray

"Parry’s Leiborschy Yendah, W/h Vizsla, stole my heart when making her RBPIS when she was just 6 months old at the Mid Herts Gundog & then, a week later, BPIS at Kettering. Now she is fully mature, she is if anything even more outstanding. So ultra typy with haughty intelligent expression in well shaped eyes, beautifully made and balanced with excellent tailset and carriage, moved like the proverbial dream with strong ground covering stride."

Judge J Lilley Three Counties Championship Show Veteran Stakes June 2011

"Parry’s Leiborschy Yendah, quality bitch of lovely type, good head, balanced body with plenty of angulation, moved soundly with drive, just showing her age & not in the best of coat"

Judge J Thirwell Three Counties June 2011

"PARRY'S Leiborschy Yendah, BOB, a really pleasing 7 year old exhibit, in full maturity, she looks good on the stack and doesn’t disappoint on the move with her super efficient and ground covering action showing the power and stamina that the breed needs to fulfil its intended purpose. Excels in outline and proportions, ample bone and substance, very typical in head, eye and expression, thought her a very easy winner on the day"

Best Bitch and Best of Breed

Judge Ron James Manchester January 2011

"like the proportions of this mature typical bitch, super head and expression, good reach of neck, correct shoulders, scored in topline, croup and tailset, best of legs and feet, coat texture was good but would have liked to see fraction more. Where she scores is on the move, classic in side gait, strong forward reach maintains her topline on the move with real drive, a joy to watch "

"..........for the challenge he just couldn’t compete with the fast trot of the bitch, the classic deportment in side gait, the forward reach and rear extension. "

Best Bitch and Best of Breed

Judge Chris Bexon Crufts 2010

"Lovely class to judge and I ended up with the same two bitches I liked at the club open show, which pleased me although not everyone"

"Ideal type of bitch with an excellent head and a super expression from the darkest of eyes, long strong neck into clean shoulders and good length of upperarm, excellent ribbing reaching well back, strong loins, good boned limbs and good feet, very good hindquarters and strong from hock to ground, excellent coat texture but on the day would prefer more depth and this made the difference for BOB, she is so sound on the move covering the ground with reach and drive – BB"

Best Bitch

Judge Sharon Pinkerton LKA 2009

"Two absolutely top class bitches, pleasure to judge them both .................... stood away from the whole entry except ............. Leiborschy Yendah, a beauty too, raking lines, very typical side action and outline, liked her head, neck, body, topline and rear. Not quite as tidy in front as 1 which split them."

Reserve Best Bitch

Judge Zena Thorn Andrews Three Counties June 2009

"most pleasing headed lady, balanced all through with good angulation, sound ribs, good loin & topline, moved out well on good legs & feet, wearing a good jacket."

Judge Carole Coode Crufts 2009

I appreciated the super entry & was pleased with the quality on show. There were some lovely puppies & it looks like the future competition will be interesting. In most classes the top awards were close. The best class of the day was OB with plenty of quality on view, each girl having breed attributes & type. My eye was taken by the winner of this class, super balance, femininity, moved with style & quality throughout, looked fit & muscle toned & capable of doing the job for which she was bred. Later going on to take BOB.

Leiborschy Yendah, took my eye on entry to the ring, loved her outline, size & femininity, good head shape & dark eye, lovely expression, neck & front construction good, body well made, well sprung ribs, firm in back, muscular rear, correct angulation, tight feet, good coat, tail set pleased, moved out soundly, good stride, presented a picture of balance. I thought she was lovely.

Best Bitch & Best of Breed

Judge Keith Groom Manchester January 2009


"RBIS came from the gundog breeds which had drawn the best overall entry for Chris Bexon. His group winner was homebred Leiborschy Yendah, W/h Vizsla, at 5 years no doubt at her best, intelligent and alert looking, beautifully presented with correctly textured coat of lovely russet colour, quality head, very well constructed, never put a foot wrong, movement a joy to watch "

Reserve Best in Show

Judge Geoff Clitheroe January 2009


"one I have liked before, this was a new show & another day & I was not disappointed, liked her superior type, shape, balance which set the scene, very regal head & good eye & expression, very nicely constructed, good strong topline, pleasing hind angulation, in coat of correct texture. Boy, did she move with drive and precision, looked good in profile movement, head carriage and tail superb"

Best NSC

Group One

Reserve Best in Show

Judge Chris Bexon Clitheroe January 2009


"top quality bitch of lovely type, nice front, strong topline, moved OK, in super coat & condition"

Best Bitch

Judge Moray Armstrong Driffield September 2008


"lovely type, feminine head, well placed shoulders in a mature balanced body, good bone, moved soundly with extension both ends & drive, in good coat. "

Best Bitch and Best of Breed

Judge J Thirwell The National May 2008


"judged this bitch in 06 when young loved her then and now she has matured into a lovely WH Vizsla, scores in head and gentle eye, neck, shoulders ,topline which is solid standing and moving, this she does with an easy fluid motion. A pleasure to watch BOB"

Best Bitch and Best of Breed

Judge Sara Barnard WELKS April 2008


"From my two quality line-up’s I gave BIS to Parry’s LEIBORSCHY YENDAH ShCM. I’ve liked this bitch before and haven’t changed my mind. She has a lovely balanced head with the darkest of eyes giving a kind expression, good boned limbs and tight feet, lengthy neck into the best front angulation on the day, well sprung ribs reaching back, strong loins, good topline and croup, well angulated behind, good coat texture with depth of coat, moved very soundly and on a long profile stride."

Best in Show

Judge Sharon Pinkerton HWVA Show April 2008


"scored in headpiece & expression, I thought most typical, this gave her the class. Good lay of shoulder, very much in proportion throughout, moved soundly on good stride, topline held at all times. Coat a little sparse but it was coarse & tight fitting."

Reserve Best Bitch

Judge Chris Atkinson Crufts 2008


"Beautiful bitch, so true to type with beautifully proportioned head & stunning lines, takes off on the move with fantastic side gait which does not falter in precise foot fall whatever pace she goes, in excellent close fitting hard coat, a delight to judge"

Best AV Gundog

Judge Christine McDonald City of Cambs January 2008

"Looking every bit the part , harsh good fitting coat, lovely expression, full of kindness, good on the move, displaying good thighs, angulation and drive, nice level topline"

Best of Breed

Judge Errol Hibbert Dukeries Gundog Januray 2008


"This bitch is so beautifully balanced and so full of breed type. Has the wow factor. BOB and Group 2. These wins gave her the final points for her Sh CM. Her Owner/breeders must be very proud"

Best of Breed and Gundog Group 2

Judge Christine Morgan Bridgwater CS November 2007


"Great favourite of mine who did not disappoint, disappointed that she did not make the Group. Correct size with good bone, lovely head and expression, good length of back and coat excellent, BOB"

Best of Breed

Judge Doreen Smillie Midland Counties October 2007


“Superbly shown and presented similar attributes apply as her sister. Lovely head and expression, correct coat texture and colour.”

Reserve Best of Breed

Judge Richard Stafford Hillsboro October 2007


"Very smart bitch presenting typical a outline. Balanced all through. Moved well"

Best Bitch

Judge Di Arrowsmith Gundog of wales October 2007

"Displays all the breed type one could wish for. The standard for this breed calls for moderation all through and this lovely bitch is a picture of moderation without being in any way ordinary. She is beautifully balanced, feminine and distinguished. Correct length to height ratio. Golden sand wire coat with correct undercoat. Used her strong hind quarters to really drive from behind and covered plenty of ground. One I have done well for before so no surprise that she was BOB."

Best of Breed

Judge Christine Morgan SKC May 2007


"Outstanding in strong sound movement, really covers the ground. Good head and topline, good depth of chest well angulated shoulders. Well shaped feet."

Best Opp Sex

Judge Sheila Gray HWVA Open Show April 2007


"Presented a perfect picture of balance, quality and breed type. Fabulous reach and drive, showing her head off to take Best NSC and Group 3"

Best NSC Group 3

Judge Christine Morgan City of Cambridge January 2007

"Another quality exhibit. Powered round the ring as though she owned it"

Res Best Bitch

Judge Jan Wood LKA 2006


"It is no secret that I have long admired this gorgeous bitch having given her RBPIS at Mid Herts Gundog and then BPIS at Kettering back on 04, yet consider her better now. She has deepened in colour and matured beautifully with a lovely feminine head and is a joy to handle with her harsh coat, well angulated shoulders and hindleg, strong body and bone, tight feet and good depth through heart and the best of coat and hard muscular condition. Super for size and type, make and shape, her movement mirrors the excellence of the conformation; in profile she is simply breathtaking"

Best of Breed

Judge Jane Lilley Hillsboro October 2006


"very flashy Golden Sand coloured bitch who moved with animation and freedom, liked her overall type, head and construction, lovely temperament & tail carried correctly, sound with tremendous reach and drive"

Best Bitch

Judge Christine McDonald Driffield October 2006


"Almost 3 yrs old, a v beautiful b, think that these two could change places anytime. Again excellent topline, v well shown. Lovely tight wire jacket, good angulations, fore & aft, correct mouth, excellent temperament, lovely head & expression, good forechest, nice tight feet, looked stunning on the move"

Judge Pat Baker HWVA Open Show September 2006

"What a superb bitch, fell for her, very typey with a lovely head and dark eye, flowed from neck to tail, movement from sound quarters on a lovely line in profile and down, so elegant to watch, shall follow with interest, pleased to award her Best Bitch and Best of Breed. Well done."

Best of Breed

Judge Sara Barnard Darlington September 2006


"loved this bitch, correct size and shape, quite mature in outloook , correct head planes, very balanced head with a dignified almost regal expression, pleasing head furnishings, strong neck, correct topline, croup& tailset, deep chest, strong hindquarters with good second thigh, strong rear pasterns, very good coat & colour, has such freedom of movement & really can drive, deportment on the move shows her to to be a superior mover"

Best of Breed

Judge Chris Bexon Welsh Kennel Club August 2006


"Quality with all to like about her, sweet feminine expression, well built with good front & rear, driving movement, nice coat"

Reserve Best Bitch

Judge Rob Suchett Kaye National Gundog August 2006


" quality bitch in excellent condition and presentation, well coated, good shape of skull, expression and earset. Clean neck leads well into forehand. Good spring of rib, well balanced between front and rear. Moved out effortlessly and drove from well placed hocks and tight feet"

Best of Breed

Judge Bill Bunce Dukeries Gundog July 2006


"judged this young girl last year and was most impressed with her, she is maturing up nicely. The best mover of the day and had to be good to beat 2nd who is also a favourite of mine. The winner is the freer movement, good head, excellent muscle and lovely eye colour".

Best of Breed

Judge Doreen Smillie SWKA July 2006

"Very elegant bitch, lovely head and eye, very well constructed, sound active mover. Not quite the harsh coat of 1. A top class bitch. Res Best Bitch"

Judge Penny Williams Bournemouth 2006


"Super size and of excellent proportions. Lovely head and expression. Good length of neck, shoulders, rear angulation and hind quarters. Movement clearly gave her the edge over most of todays opposition. Held her topline and covered the ground with ease, good reach with sufficient drive. Looked more at ease than the handler but movement gave her the edge over BD. It was a shame that circumstances spoilt her day when it came to the big ring. For those unaware, she was shut out of the BIS hall and was finally shunted in after all the others had made their entry"

Best of Breed

Judge Lt Col KK Bingham Crufts 2006


"Beautiful Hungarian W/H Vizsla who, since she is a particular favourite of mine, it was a joy to see as a mature adult. I fell for her charms when she was a puppy, awarding her RBPIS her first time out then BPIS and she is even better now. Driving from her hocks, her super, sound, strong, free movement reflects the excellence of her conformation, with good layback of shoulder and well carried and set tail, in excellent harsh coat and hard muscular condition. Enjoying herself to the full and unexaggerated in any way, she could surely work all day and never tire. Quite lovely"

Judge Jane Lilley EELKS January 2006


Pleasure to judge this bitch, filled my eye, lovely head, body and coat, excellent length and topline, joy to watch moving round the ring, no hesitation in rewarding BOB and congratulations on getting shortlisted in the group"

Best of Breed

Judge Wendy Lovell (Ayita) Coventry Gundog Nov 2005


"2 year old bitch with a really good head and expression, strong neck with well laid shoulders, nice size and moved with drive"

Best Of Breed

Judge Teresa A'len Mid Herts Gundog November 2005


"Very nice bitch showing good breed type. Liked everything about her. Good coat, super head, correct body proportions. Good topline and tailset. Her superior movement won her this class"

Judge Marion McAngus Darlington Championship Show 2005


"good muscletone overall in this elegant bitch of noble bearing, has a delightful disposition, well proportioned skull, good leathers hanging close to head, strong neck well let into shoulders, good legs and bone, pastern muscles need tightening. Good depth and spring of ribs, strong in loin and quarters, stands parallel when viewed from rear, good harsh coat, movement was effortless and free"

Judge Julia Iles-Hebbert North Lincs Sept 2005


"another good bitch, excellent in profile action, well balanced and holds herself well............liked her a lot, full of quality and type"

Judge Frank Kane Welsh Kennel Club 2005

"liked her overall shape and size, pleasing head and gentle expression, moderately angulated, moved well, good harsh coat"

Best of Breed

Judge Marilyn Chant Dukeries Gundog July 2005


" Another good specimen of this breed. Good head and expression, clean neck, firm topline, balanced all through and sound on the move""


Judge Di Arrowsmith Grimsby and D CS June 2005


"Beautifully balanced head, good overall conformation with good topline and tailset. Moved with drive and purpose"

Best of Breed

Judge Christine House Mid Herts Gundog May 2005


"What a very good free mover, excelled here, good head and coat, good depth, nice turn of stifle and muscle, one I wouldn't mind taking home. "

Reserve Best in Show

Judge Doreen Smillie HWVA Open Show April 2005


"lovely young balanced bitch, just the right size and depth. Moved well. Sweetest of expressions, should have a promising future"

Reserve Best of Breed

Judge Carole Robinson East Anglian Gundog April 2005


"lovely quality bitch, long head, super dark eyes giving lovely expression, excellent front with adequate boned limbs, tight feet, long neck into clean shouders, excellent body, good topline, croup & tailset, well angulated hindquarters , moving soundly coming and going with ground covering strides, good coat with texture"

Reserve Best Bitch

Judge Sharon Pinkerton Crufts 2005


"a very pretty and balanced bitch, loved her head and expression even though she lacked the face furnishings of the second. Strong arched muscular neck, clean throat, well laid shoulders, firmer and more level topline than the second. Nice skin and textured coat of good colour. Good depth of chest. legs and feet. Very sound action front and rear"

Reserve Best of Breed

Judge Jenny Miller Nuneaton CS March 2005


"presented a very well balanced picture and moved well showing a nice clean pair of heels. Good front and rear extension. Truly feminine with excellent and correct wire coat and colour. Best of breed and nice to see her pulled out in the group"

Best of Breed

Judge Christine Morgan Coventry Gundog March 2005


"14 month old medium sized bitch although only young she is quite mature for her age. She has a feminine head and good length of neck, moderate front and rear angulation and a deep chest. She stands on good feet and is well boned. The best mover here today covering the ground with ease. To complete the picture she has got a lovely Russet wire coat. I am sure she is one to watch for the future"

Best of Breed

Judge Karen Palmer Dukeries Gundog January 2005


"very attractive golden sand bitch of good proportions. Balanced outline, which she held on the move and standing. Happy temperament and lovely disposition. Attractive feminine head with lovely furnishings. Good depth and width of body for a baby. Good body with firm topline moved with animation and scope with good drive. Best of Breed

Judge Christine McDonald Mid Herts Gundog Nov 2004


"Dominating the big ring with her superb movement and great length of stride"

Best Puppy in Show

Judge Jane Lilley Kettering and District Canine Oct 2004


"she looks good standing but it is on the move that she comes into her own and has the wow factor! Ultra sound and free, covering ground with great drive. Well made all through and good layback of shoulder and harsh fitting coat. Most impressive, I made her RBPIS at Mid Herts Gundog when she was just 6 months and she is even better now. Best Puppy NSC

Judge Jane Lilley Kettering and District Canine Oct 2004


"young bitch, very pretty head, good furnishings, neck and shoulders, spring of ribs, rear angulation, held topline on move, moved very well "

1st Junior Bitch , Best Puppy, Reserve Best Bitch

Judge Donna Holman (Silvanus) Bournemouth Ch Show Aug 2004

" a real cracker, side gait really free and easy, super hard coat, beautiful head and eye .Just needs to settle a little more in front"

Puppy Group 3

Judge Zena Thorn Andrews Bournemouth Ch Show Aug 2004


"lovely young bitch, so feminine in head and expression, nice type, body of good construction, front and rear quarters pleased, made with substance throughout, gave balanced picture stood and moved out with drive, showed well in good coat "

Best Puppy, RBPIS

Judge Keith Groom Dukeries Gundog July 2004


"quality young bitch, good type & balance, well constructed body, plenty of bone and substance, good angulation, moved soundly with drive., in good coat and condition"

Best Bitch

Judge John Thirwell East of England Ch Show July 2004


well matured puppy, good topline with correct tail set. Correct wire coat developing well. Good front and rear, moved well"

Best Puppy in Breed

Judge Terry Pearson 3 Counties June 2004


"only 6 months old, but well grown and already very confident, making light of the large ring with her great length of stride, driving from the hocks"

Res Best Puppy in Show

Judge Jane Lilley Mid Herts Gundog May 2004


"lovely way to start the day, beautifully sound, well made bitch, full of type.............beautiful head and eye, excellent movement for her age. Shall watch out for this one"

Judge Frank Kane HWVA Open Show April 2004