The Eventuallies 10/10/11

Kenmillix King of Athens at Travaillant X Leiborschy Yanah


Leiborschy Hekta. A very top heavy girl litter resulted in a change of plans for the Marvellous Madison's owners after a very long wait. This beautiful little lady starts live in Nuneaton and is already bringing them lots of smiles as she shows off her talents as an office assistant, gardener and chorister. Madison will dip her paw in the show ring occasionally but her most important job is as a wonderful companion.


Leiborschy Lincoln. Lincoln fulfils a long held desire of his owner to welcome a Wire into her family of two Vizslak, two boys and Rob. Extensive research, planning and patience has resulted in Lincoln starting life in Derbyshire. What a laid back, easy going boy Lincoln is and he will accompany Tally, one of his HV housemates, to shows to learn the ropes and no doubt will bring Sarah lots of fun. Lincoln is hip scored. and HUU tested. As a testament to his fantastic temperament and attitude to life in June 2013 Lincoln took and passed the Pets as Therapy assessment and in July became an official PAT dog. He passed his Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizens Award at Leeds Ch Show in July 2014.Lincoln is HUU tested and hip scored. Lincoln retired from the show ring at Crufts 2019.

Lincoln was awarded the Dog Challenge Certificate under breed specialist C Guest ( Bardantop) at National Gundog Association in August 2014 from an entry of 78.He sired his first litter in September 2014 from which we kept Leiborschy Jante A Legacy.

Lincoln was awarded the Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate at National Gundog 20105 under breed specialist Linda Upton ( Tragus )

."1 Stephenson’s Leiborschy Lincoln Of Fryerfold, he has a good outline with a very good head. OK neck pasterns could be firmer. Well ribbed back. Loses his topline moving. Very moderate hind angulation. "

City of Birmingham Championship Show September 2016 Judge G Horswell

1 Stephenson’s Leiborschy Lincoln of Fryerfold, 4 years 9 months possessing a lovely balanced mature masculine head & expression with good skull furrow line, a quality head & intelligent expression, alert & sensitive. Attractive small beard but eyebrows could be more fully present, excellent shoulder angulation & length of forearm creating well muscled neck & supported by strong bone. Correctly sprung ribcage of good length, muscled & well coupled at the loins, moderate turn of stifles. Presented in good russet wire coat lying well with nicely covered tail & level carriage. BD & BOS;

Leeds Championship Show July 2016 Judge R Morris

"Stephenson’s Leiborschy Lincoln Of Fryerfold. I liked this one very much and on the stack I thought he would be my winner but his front movement didn’t match that of the winner’s today. He has a superb forehand with depth and strength in body, strong loin and well muscled quarters."

Crufts 2016 Judge C Morgan

"2 Stephenson’s Leiborschy Lincoln of Fryerfold, a lighter built dog with correct length to height ratio. Masculine head with a gentle expression. Straight front with good sternum. Carries a good harsh wire coat. Rather untidy on the move;"

Midland Counties Champiosnhip Show October 2015 Judge S Tolladay

"Stephenson’s Leiborschy Lincoln of Fryerfold., most lovely shaped head, good eyes, good front, good bone and feet, good neck and shoulders, good topline and stifles, good wire coat and colour. Moves better at the. backend.  RCC"

National Gundog Championship Show August 2015 Judge L Upton

"pleasing head & in body, this dog is well proportioned with good forehead, his top line is level & his under line is good too, moderate coupling & turn of stifle, he moved out do well. My BD & BOB"

Leeds Championship Show July 2015 Judge A Howes

"Stephenson’s Leiborschy Lincoln of Fryerfold, really nice head and eyes, good front and bone, good depth of chest, good topline, good wire coat but 1 moved better. Reserve Best Dog"

Blackpool Championship Show June 2015 Judge G Upton

Stephenson's L Lincoln of F, 3yrs, bigger made but very balanced all through, good head & neck, upper arm on 1 a little more angulated, super through the ribs, strong loin & topline, excellent rear end with good bone to legs, feet on 1 a little tighter. Moving soundly, coat of good texture.

Three Counties Championship Show  June 2015 Judge C Coode

 "1 Stephenson’s Leiborschy Lincoln Of Fryerfold, headed a mixed class which made for some difficult decisions. This dog is well made with a good head, masculine but not coarse, correct eye & ear. Good neck, shoulder & upper arm. Strong topline, well sprung ribs, & a well set on tail used actively! His is the most excellent condition & is clearly afforded plenty of exercise. A sound economical action, & happy confident demeanour, clinched him the win here. Nicely handled"

The National Dog Show May 2015 Judge D Alcorn

"very similar to the winner in type, lovely head with a great expression, lovely neck into clean shoulders, well boned legs, very good depth of ribs, well angulated behind, lovely textured coat, moved well but not so clean in front"

HWVA Championship Show April 2015 Judge S Pinkerton

"Leiborschy Lincoln of Fryerfold, similar type to my winner, good head and angulation. Not quite the top line of my winner, but he has good coat, nice type."

Crufts 2014 Judge D Smillie-Gray

. "Stephenson's L Lincoln of F, 3 year old boy of great substance. Absolutely cracking, very masculine & correctly proportioned head, slightly square with moderate stop & the most wonderful, warm expression with no hint of coarseness.  Superb & full-body covering, close lying, harsh double wire coat,, mid-russet in colour - exactly as the breed requires but all too rarely displays. Really super spring of rib and excellent depth of chest too, although would prefer more length of body. He has an impressive forechest, the correct slightly sloping pasterns, a good length of upper arm & equally good bend of stifle. Unfortunately the ring did him no favours at all & he was rather wayward on the move as a result, but his maturity secured him BOB."

Oakengates Canine Society November 2014 Judge T Branney

GD 1. Stephenson's L. Lincoln of F, lovely wire coat, medium size boy, with good bone & feet, good head, eye & eyebrows giving lively expression, he has depth of brisket, moderate coupling & strong quarters, steady mover."

City of Birmingham Championship Show September 2014 Judge A Howes

"PGD 1 Stephenson's Leiborschy Lincoln of Fryerfold, 2 years young, pleasing young man in all areas. Enjoying his day out. Loved his head in proportion, eye, expression & furnishings. Well boned, balanced outline. Feet could be better."

HWVA Open Show August 2014 Judge M Waddell

"PGD 1. Stephenson's Leiborschy Lincoln of Fryerfold, a mature male that I wouldn't want any bigger. Very masculine in outlook, but not coarse in any way. Frame strong & robust throughout, excelled in forechest which was sadly lacking in some. Firm topline & firm over loins to correctly set on tail. Good width across the buttocks and to thighs. All held up on good feet & covered by a correct, harsh, wirey coat. Expressive dark eye, correct 'square' head which again exhibited strength & dignity with no sign of coarseness, desired amount of furnishings. A very typy, balanced W/h who fills your eye easily & just coming into his prime. Not as sound as the bitch in the challenge, CC"

1st PG Dog, Best Dog, Dog CC

National Gundog Championship Show August 2014 Judge C.Guest

"L Lincoln of F, good bone as the,standard asks for & more robust than its cousins. Good shape and outline. Quality head & so well balanced. Moved well pleased to award him BD. "

Paignton Championship Show August 2014 Judge P Butler Holley

1 Stephensons Leiborschy Lincoln of Fryerfold, masculine dog, liked his size & bone the best. Would like a little less length of muzzle. Correct length neck. Well angulated front & rear. In very good coat. Well ribbed. Out & back movement could be tidier"

Leeds Championship Show July 2014 Judge G Horswell

"Stephenson's L Lincoln of F great balance & height to length ratio on this boy. Super pro sternum, well laid shoulders with depth of brisket & elbows close to body. Level topline, correct tailset, moderate bend of stifle but needs more second thigh development. Moves smoothly with correct tail carriage, best so far"

Windsor Championship Show June 2014 Judge C Morgan

"Stephenson's L Lincoln of F, masculine head & expression with large open nostrils, nice length of neck & has sufficient bone. Well off for body, harsh coat. "

Three Counties Champiosnhip Show  June 2104 Judge S Marshall

"L Lincoln of F, bigger dog than 1. Great bone & very kind head & eye with a superb temperament that came right through. Good shoulders, good spring of ribs, nice short loin, good angulation although didnt move quite as well as 1."

SKC May 2014 Judge D Holman

1st Stehenson’s Leiborschy Lincoln of Fryerfold. Deep chested well sprung ribs, good wire coat and furnishings just a bit bum high but moved well with correct gait.

HWVA Championship Show April 2014 Judge M McAngus

"Stephenson's L Lincoln of F, very similar to first, good shape & make, like his typical head & eye, strong neck flowing into well placed
shoulders, moved well going out & returning keeping a firm topline"

WELKS April 2014 Judge

Stephenson's L Lincoln of F, good shaped head with kind expression, good bone & straight front, lovely neck & earset, well bodied, would have just preferred a bit more length to him good muscle on hind quarters, good wire coat & colour, moved well. BOB.

Dukeries Gundog January 2014 Judge G Richardson

"Stephenson’s Leiborschy Lincoln of Fryerfold. Impressive type who was put down in excellent coat and condition. Lovely muscle tone throughout and was definitely ‘fit for function’. Pleasing head and expression, well developed body, moved freely, just preferred the more balanced outlook of the winner."

HWVA Open Show September 2013 Judge D Shields

PGD 1. "Stepheson's Leiborschy Lincoln of Fryerfold, good head & expression, good lay of shoulder & return of upper arm, strong topline & rear angulation, good coat & texture, moved well in profile showing extension and drive."

Three Counties Championship Show June 1013 Judge S Barnard

"Stephenson's Leiborschy Lincoln of Fryerfold, good type of HWV, preferred the head on 1. Good front & depth of ribs, moderate angulation and moves well."

HWVA Championship Show April 2013 Judge D Smille

"Stephenson's L. Lincoln of F., different type to 1, good body for age, harsh coat, sufficient bone, nice length of neck & bend of stifle, masculine head & expression with large, open nose. Moved well. "

Manchester Championship Show January 2013 Judge K Gorman

"Stephenson's L Lincoln of F. immature dog but full of potential & quality. Handsome head, lovely forechest, strong bone, good feet. Needs to settle and fill out. Moderate rear, covers ground well on the move"

Gundog Society of Wales October 2012 Judge G Robertson

"Stephenson's Leiborschy Lincoln of Fryerfold. Very well grown male whose overall soundness clinched him this class. Balanced masculine head, strong neck and good shoulder. Straight front limbs, well ribbed for age. Moved out well enough for his age, BPD. Well handled and with a confident temperament. "

Reserve Best Dog

HWVA Open Show September 2012 Judge D Alcorn

"Stephenson’s Leiborschy Lincoln of Fryerfold, appealing puppy with a smaller frame. Clean outline, but not the balance of 1. Good head, eye, topline & quarters, moved correctly when settled"

Leeds Championship Show July 2012 Judge K Young

"Stephenson's L. Lincoln of Fryerfold, well grown pup showing muscular neck into strong level back & well proportioned body, moved with real drive maintaining a good overall shape."

The National May 2012 Judge P Harper

"Stephenson’s Leiborschy Lincoln of Fryerfold, pleasing head, nice bone and feet strong topline, moderate quarters, moved Ok. In nice coat."

HWVA Championship Show April 2012 Judge M Armstrong

"Stephenson's L Lincoln of F, very similar to first, good shape & make, like his typical head & eye, strong neck flowing into well placed
shoulders, moved well going out & returning keeping a firm topline"

WELKS April 2014 Judge

"L Lincoln of F, bigger dog than 1. Great bone & very kind head & eye with a superb temperament that came right through. Good shoulders, good spring of ribs, nice short loin, good angulation although didnt move quite as well as 1."

SKC May 2014 Judge D Holman

 Leiborschy Scout. Scout begins life in Hertfordshire with two very responsible children and two VERY excited adults. Herbie the Weimaraner will show Scout the ropes and she will bring Herbie the canine companionship he has missed. A busy, cheeky little madam with the sweetest disposition, named after a character in a novel I are sure Scout will develop into quite a character.


Leiborschy Yazsarek. Zak begins life in South Devon with Tia the Wire, after almost a years wait he is exactly what his owners ordered. A super, kind, uncomplicated chap Zak is very lovable and will enhance Tia's and his owners lives life after a period of sadness. Its impossible not to smile when you see Zak .......a charming, delightful boy.Zak and his owner Gill gained The Kennel Club Gold Good Citizens Award in August 2013.Zak is HUU tested.


Leiborschy Lettie. Lettie begins life in Essex with Leiborschy Elka and what a pair of pretty girls they will make. Lettie is blessed with the most stunning looks and an easy going personality ( although she does love to sing!!). Make sure you have plenty of time for walks Dave and Lyn as I'm sure you will be stopped time and time again with such a beautiful brace.


Leiborschy Kara. Lots of week ends in S Yorkshire and Lincolnshire result in Val and Robbie finally taking the beautiful Bella made the long journey to Kyle and is settling in well. She will be a regular at the village Post Office and will have a large fan base in no time as well as keep Robbie company as they walk in the hills.


Leiborschy Indiyanah. Indi begins life Nr Preston with Nichola and Ian and the temptation of this fizzy, sparky girl proved too much and they fell in love with her ( they are not the only ones!!). A chip off the old Great Aunt Lajka block I forsee lots of challenges but ample rewards from this full of fun puppy.


Leiborschy Ilva. Fate certainly had a hand in bringing Dilys and Deborah together as they start life in Maidstone. Dilys stayed here a little longer than her littermates and my goodness didn't her personality shine through in those extra few weeks. The sweetest, most placid, enchanting puppy Dilys will be the perfect companion for her owner, a match made in heaven.

Leiborschy Brona. Hard as it was to let this beautiful lady go, Ruby starts life near Fakenham with Roger and Jane. An utter delight, impish and full of beans is how her smitten owners describe Ruby as she arrives in perfect timing for all of them.

Leiborschy Rena stays here with me, meet her here